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Banana Cake

Banana Cake is a popular cannabis strain created by In House Genetics. While batches vary, it’s known for high THC levels in addition to delicious flavor and aroma.

Is Banana Cake Indica or Sativa?

Banana Cake is a hybrid that leans toward the indica side of the spectrum.

More Banana Cake Characteristics

So what else do cannabis buyers need to know about the Banana Cake weed strain? Here are some of the most important factors to keep in mind.


According to Leafly, Banana Cake was made by crossing Banana OG with Wedding Cake. These are both indica-dominant hybrids, providing Banana Cake with its most notable characteristics. Both are also known for their typically high THC levels.


Banana Cake buds are typically light green with small, brownish-orange hairs. Some batches can have a light purple hue, while portions can appear whitish due to the high concentration of silvery trichomes.


Banana Cake lives up to its tropical moniker, commonly smelling its namesake fruit. Other than banana, Weedmaps reports odors of vanilla and cream, living up to the “cake” part of the strain’s name as well.


This one should also come as no surprise. Users tell Leafly they taste tropical and tree fruits, as well as notes of butter and honey. Weedmaps also found flavors like vanilla, pine, pineapple, and rose.


A Leafly analysis found myrcene to be the dominant terpene within a typical batch of Banana Cake. While terpene profiles may change for a number of reasons, citrusy limonene and floral linalool are also generally found in the strain.

Effects: how will Banana Cake make me feel?

Reviewers on Leafly found the experience to be excellent, rating it five out of five stars and saying it generally made them feel happy, relaxed, and hungry. Others said it helped treat headaches or mental health conditions like anxiety or depression. Like many cannabis strains, some reported mild negative effects like dry mouth and dry eyes.

Strains like Banana Cake

One of the most closely related (and often confused) varieties to Banana Cake is Banana Cream Cake strain, which shares some of its genetic heritage. In addition, Leafly recommends hybrids like OG Kush and Double Barrel OG, while Weedmaps suggests parent strain Wedding Cake for similar effects.

Where to Buy Banana Cake in Massachusetts

Those looking to check out the delightful effects of Banana Cake will be happy to know the strain can be found at a variety of dispensaries around the Bay State. Like other cases where buyers are looking for a specific variety, the Boston area’s high concentration of dispensaries may be the best bet, though Banana Cake is available in central and western areas of the state as well.

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