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It all started about a dozen years ago when a young man from a terror-ridden country decided to flee the dangerous conditions around him for a better life. He convinced his mother that it was time to chase the American ...

3 In The Pink Strain

The 3 in the Pink Strain Is Coming Back!

Have you heard the good news? Back by popular demand: the Three in the Pink strain is on its way to the Capital Cannabis menu! Our adult-use customers couldn’t get...

Elevate Valentine's Day with Cannabis in Douglas, MA

Elevate Valentine’s Day with Cannabis in Douglas, MA

Gearing up for the best Valentine’s Day ever? If you’re in Massachusetts, be sure to plan a visit to Capital Cannabis to set the stage for the best Sweetheart’s Day...

Cheap Eighths of Flower for $18 in Massachusetts

How About a Cheap 8th of Flower for $18 in Massachusetts?

Looking for a cheap eighth in Massachusetts because you’re low on weed funds? Make sure you stop in and see us at Capital Cannabis—we’ve always got some good eighth deals...

Quarters of Small Buds of Flower for Only $28 in MA

Quarter Deals in Massachusetts – 7g of Small Buds of Flower for $28!  

A quarter-ounce is quite a bit of weed, so when you come across a cheap quarter in Massachusetts, it’s hard not to get a little excited. And if you know...

Get a Cheap Ounce of Weed in Massachusetts

Get a Cheap Ounce of Flower in Massachusetts

On the search for a cheap ounce in Massachusetts? We’ve got ounces that will keep more money in your pocket at Capital Cannabis. From high-quality shake to full ounces of...

Half Ounces of Small Buds of Flower for Sale for $54 Out the Door in MA

How About a Half Ounce of Small Buds of Flower for $54 Out the Door in MA?

Looking for a cheap ounce in Massachusetts? Good news! You can get a half ounce of smalls at Capital Cannabis for just $45, which is only $54 out the door....

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photo of David Edmands David Edmands Worcester, M.A.

I love capital cannabis! My favorite dispensary location in Massachusetts.

photo of Julian Gruber Julian Gruber Burrillville, R.I.

Top-notch dispensary. They are a welcoming crew that puts the needs of customers first.

photo of Rebecca Simmons Rebecca Simmons Douglas, M.A.

The team at Capital is friendly and very knowledgeable. They've got a wonderful product selection too. Definitely recommend

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