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It all started about a dozen years ago when a young man from a terror-ridden country decided to flee the dangerous conditions around him for a better life. He convinced […]

Top 5 Best Strains from The Heirloom Chemistry

What is The Heirloom Collective? The Heirloom Collective is a visionary company based in Bernardston, MA, fueled by a mission to provide craft-quality cannabis, uniting the latest technological innovations with...

Top 5 Best Good Chemistry Strains

Looking for premium cannabis flower or pre-rolls at the dispensary? If so, Good Chemistry is a brand name to remember while you shop. With a remarkable reputation in the cannabis...

Mac 1 Strain

What is the MAC 1 Strain? Keep the MAC 1 strain in mind for when you desire a high-THC bud that gives a fast, unforgettable hit. That’s provided you can...

Hashgar from Yamna

What is the Yamna Hashgar? Yamna Hashgar from Yamna Cannabis is a type of hash and weed cigar, similar to the Yamna Cannagar. The exclusive and flavorful cigar is wrapped...

Wedding Crasher Strain

What is the Wedding Crasher Strain? The Wedding Crasher Strain has become a preferred choice for boosting energy, sociability, and happiness. Consumers love the long-lasting and energizing high, containing roughly...

Garlic Drip Strain

What is the Garlic Drip Strain? The Garlic Drip Strain, by the Botanist™, is a potent bud with an unmistakable strong garlic flavor, hence the name. This strain is packed...

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photo of David Edmands David Edmands Worcester, M.A.

I love capital cannabis! My favorite dispensary location in Massachusetts.

photo of Julian Gruber Julian Gruber Burrillville, R.I.

Top-notch dispensary. They are a welcoming crew that puts the needs of customers first.

photo of Rebecca Simmons Rebecca Simmons Douglas, M.A.

The team at Capital is friendly and very knowledgeable. They've got a wonderful product selection too. Definitely recommend

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