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CC Color Coding System: A Guide to Our Store


Capital Cannabis Community Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Douglas, MA

When it comes to cannabis, you’ve got options. It can be tough to figure out what’s right for you, especially when you feel overwhelmed by your choices.

At Capital Cannabis Co, we believe in making it as simple as possible for you to find and enjoy all of the weed products that we have to offer. We’ve developed a simple color-coded system to help you differentiate between the different types of cannabis strains that we offer.

Our Color-Coded Dispensary Guide

When you walk into our dispensary, you’ll notice labels on each of the boxes behind the counter.

Our system is easy to remember:

  • Green = indica
  • Purple = sativa
  • Orange = hybrid

If you already know what type of strains you prefer, this system can make it easy to figure out which products may be up your alley as soon as you walk into our dispensary.

If you’re new to the world of weed, you may be unsure of which strain is the best fit for you. Let’s take a look at the difference between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains.

Sativa vs. Indica vs. Hybrid—What’s the Difference?

Each type of cannabis has defining characteristics, including growth patterns, effects when ingested, and differing balances of THC and CBD. Understanding the differences between each type of weed can help you choose the strains that are the best fit for your needs from your favorite dispensaries in Douglas Massachusetts.

You may find that some strains are best for you in certain situations, while you prefer different strains in others. Paying attention to the effects that make you feel your best can help you choose the strain that’s the right choice for you.


Sativa plants are tall and thin with narrow leaves. Growing up to 12 feet in height, sativa plants fare best when planted outside. These plants take up to four months to flower. Sativa strain typically has more THC than CBD, enhancing the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

This type of weed is known for creating a heady high that’s associated with boosting sociability and creativity. Most people find that sativa strains are best for boosting mood, similar to a cup of coffee (without the caffeine jitters). Sativa’s uplifting properties are often used to help people who are struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.


With the nickname “in da couch,” it’s no surprise that indica is known for its calming, relaxing properties. Indica plants are short and bushy with wide leaves and are better suited to indoor cultivation than sativa plants. With a balanced CBD and THC ratio, indica strains can provide the therapeutic benefits of cannabis with a lessened potential for anxiety or paranoia. Indica plants flower in two to three months.

Indica strains often induce feelings of tranquility and peace, and provide a relaxing body high. Many people use indica strains to help with sleeping issues. Indica strains are also helpful for people who experience acute pain and muscle spasms.


Looking for the best of both worlds? A hybrid option may be the right fit for you. Hybrid cannabis plants can vary widely in appearance, and can have shorter or longer flowering periods.

Since hybrid plants offer a combination of the effects of sativa and indica strains, your experience while using hybrid strains can vary greatly. Some offer full-body relaxation like indica strains, others offer the cerebral high of sativa strains, and others offer a combination of the two. In the world of medical marijuana, hybrid strains offer the chance to tailor treatment to specific needs, as the THC and CBD levels can be adjusted through selective breeding practices.

Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary: Your New Favorite Dispensary in Douglas MA

At Capital Cannabis Co, we’re excited to get to know you and help you find the perfect cannabis products for your ideal experience. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing indica to help you unwind, a sativa to support your creative pursuits, or you’re looking for a hybrid that leaves you somewhere in between, we have you covered.

We’re proud to offer a wide variety of cannabis products, including flower, concentrates, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, edibles, topicals, tinctures, CBD products, and more. Take your time browsing our online menu or stop by our Douglas dispensary today to chat with one of our friendly budtenders about which of our products are the right fit for you. We’ll see you soon!

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