Chocolate OG Strain


What is the Chocolate OG Strain?

Consider the Chocolate OG to be a sumptuous bonbon focused on the joys of the physical—the high comes on slowly, and its indica-dominant composition provides calming effects that become heavier as you hit it. It’s a primarily physical high with a strong body buzz and moderately psychoactive effects, and it’s ideal for building a deep and radical huge chill.

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Strain Genetics & History

Many believe that Chocolate OG is a genetic cross from THClones, crafted through the union of True OG and Chocolate Rain. However, some say it comes from Fire OG and True OG. Others believe OG Kush is in the background and suggest that the chocolate comes from the herb’s generous and distinctive brown hair rather than a “chocolate” parent strain.

Strain Appearance

Boasting medium-to-large flowers in a tapered shape, like miniature pinecones or maybe the pineal gland, Chocolate OG sports dark, tight buds nestled in very dark green tightly-curled leaves, graced with rich brown curly hairs; these are the reproductive pistils. The flowers are downy with a coating of resinous, frosty-appearing trichome crystals.

Chocolate OG Strain Effects

Light up Chocolate OG for a solo chill-out session or with someone special. While Chocolate OG Strain Isn’t an aphrodisiac—someone’s getting the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for nailing that one—sometimes, just sometimes, getting mellow, social, chilly giggly, and getting out of your own way can be a significant step toward obtaining sensual bliss. This indica-heavy strain brings a beautiful body buzz. And perhaps all these relaxed and joyous sensations, plus a classic case of sofa-lock, might bring ideas of a romantic nature.

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Cannabinoid & Terpene Breakdown

This weed is 90% indica-leaning, with an average THC content of 29% (and as high as 33%) containing low CBD levels. The main terpene is myrcene, then pinene, and limonene. And as with art, love, and snowflakes, all buds are unique. That said, Chocolate OG Strain is off the Richter scale of THC. As a result, it’s dangerously dank, dark, and delectable.

Chocolate OG terpenes gift us a rich chocolate taste and earthy aroma. These combine for a taste and smell of sweetness, like honey or nuts, then a tease of earthy or coffee notes, a hint of cheese, and a lingering chocolate essence. Perhaps a well-stocked household should put some Chocolate OG weed strain in place for emergencies? It’s best to be prepared for when “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”—with flaming arrowheads—are pointed straight at one’s back.

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Strain Summary

The Chocolate OG strain, with its propensity to bring a raving case of munchies, is also a solid choice for those seeking help for lack of appetite or unwanted weight loss. But, will it have you pulling out food from the freezer and cracking open a jar of peanut butter—or is that just me? Beyond appetite enhancement, Chocolate OG Strain promotes a gentle euphoria that may ease symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.

In the mood for an excellent indica-based weed, rare and delicious? Give Chocolate OG Strain a taste. Here’s a delectable, dank, sweet-yet-earthy smoke that is wonderful for welcoming the night.


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