Double Grape Strain


What is the Double Grape Strain?

The Double Grape Strain is an Indica dominate hybrid with a beautiful, frosty look and a strong aroma. This strain provides a subtle rush that turns sedative quickly. The THC percentages for this strain range between 21%-28%.

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Strain type: Is Double Grape an indica or sativa?

The Double Grape Strain is a relatively balanced hybrid with a rich bloodline. While exact percentages can vary from grower to grower, the Double Grape strain is around 60% indica and 40% sativa.

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Strain Characteristics

For those who want a potent and stimulating toke with a bit of uplift followed by a sedate and calming euphoric feel, Double Grape Strain is your bus ticket. This strain is excellent for those with trouble sleeping and managing pain as well as those looking to stimulate appetite.


The parent plants of the Double Grape Strain are Sour Stomper and Grape Crinkle from Mephisto Genetics.

Sour Stomper comes from a genetic background of:

  • Sour Crack
  • Grape Pheno
  • Grape Stomper OG

Grape Crinkle comes from a genetic background of:

  • Canadian Crinkle
  • Supernatural
  • Ripley’s OG

What’s does it taste and smell like?

When it comes to aroma, the Double Grape Strain has received mixed reviews. Few claim no aroma, while others claim a deep rich red grape aroma with subtle hints of gas. Some confusion is likely due to the name, as strain names aren’t always indicative of the aroma, but with this one, it seems to be! Look for a blend of sweet and sour grape with this strain.

Similar to the aroma, growers on report a sweet berry-like taste with a deep grape flavor and a hint of fruity goodness.

Which terpenes are present?

No terpene information is available for the Double Grape Strain. However, the top reported tastes are:

  1. Berries
  2. Fruity
  3. Sweet

Effects: how will the Double Grape Strain make you feel?

Expect a potent high. These genetics are strong and provide a range of effects. You will feel an initial energizing buzz that will eventually fade to relaxation as the hybrid provides a taste of both indica & sativa qualities. The result is deepening sedation that lets you rest and relax without a lot of ambition.

The Double Grape Strain is perfect when you need to calm down or recover. The effects vary from grow-grow, but most people who reviewed the Double Grape Strain indicated a potent high with a calming and relaxed state.

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Growing this strain…

The Double Grape Strain plant is mildly busy and fairly easy to grow. From sprouted seed to harvest in as little as 70 days, makes the Double Grape Strain a go-to cannabis plant. THC yields in the 21 percent range with some levels approaching 28%. The difference in outcomes is due to different growing conditions and location.

Strains like Double Grape Strain

Finding similar strains is easy. The strains below share genetics with Double Grape with similar effects.

  • Sour Stomper
  • Forum Stomper
  • Ripley’s OG

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Buy Double Grape Strain and similar strains at our dispensary in Douglas, MA! We are right next to the borders of Connecticut & Rhode Island – come see us today!

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