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Capital Cannabis proudly offers Fernway Cartridges as one of its premium cannabis products.

What are Fernway Cartridges?

Fernway Vapes are industry leading vape cartridges made with exceptional cannabis. These vape cartridges combine premium custom hardware, exceptional terpenes and the highest purity cannabis oil. These cartridges are heat and shatter resistant, made with borosilicate glass that helps protect the cannabis oil and keeps it fresh. The unique Fernway Seal marks the cartridge, making it easy to identify. Fernway cartridges come in a universal 510 thread to accommodate any battery, although they are optimized for use with the Fernway stylus.

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Fernway Cartridges Review

All Fernway cartridges are produced with only high purity cannabis oil and terpenes. Fernway makes two specific lines of cartridges, the Strain Collection and the Flavor Line.  Fernway Cartridges include only high-purity distilled cannabis oil and terpenes. There are about 150 average-size hits of three seconds in each half-gram cartridge, and 300 three-second hits in each full-gram cartridge.

Flavor Line

The Flavor Line uses terpenes harvested from fruits, herbs and other botanicals to create delicious natural flavors.

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Strain Collection

The Strain Collection uses terpenes harvested from fresh cannabis to create a genuine cannabis flavor profile.

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How much Fernway Cartridge should I smoke?

Fernway Vapes come in two sizes: .5g & 1g. The average hit on a Fernway Cartridge lasts about three seconds, with three hits producing a quick high that should last two to three hours. Depending on your experience, try a little less if you consider yourself a newbie and a little more for the experienced cannabis enthusiast.

Who makes Fernway Vapes?

Fernway cartridges are manufactured by Fernway, a cannabis vaporizer brand founded in 2018 by David Van Vlierbergen, Liam O’Brien, and Christopher (Kit) Gallan in Northampton, Massachusetts. The company’s mission is to make it easy to enjoy cannabis with confidence.

Are Fernway Cartridges Vegan?

Yes, Fernway Cartridges are made from premium ingredients, including ultra-pure cannabis oil, bold and distinctive flavors, and extraordinarily fresh cannabis terpenes extracted from whole sungrown buds to deliver unparalleled flavor and effects. There are no fillers.

Where Can I Buy Fernway Cartridges in Massachusetts?

Capital Cannabis in Douglas, Massachusetts sells Fernway Cartridges as one of the premium brands offered at the dispensary. Capital Cannabis is a recreational cannabis dispensary that serves the region, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Buy Fernway Cartridges at Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary

Our dispensary offers recreational customers an industry leading selection of cannabis products from the top brands in the nation, such as Fernway Cartridges. Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary in central Massachusetts is the state’s best recreational dispensary, with 5,000-square-feet of space. Stop by our dispensary to discuss how Fernway Cartridges can serve your cannabis needs with one of our staff members.

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