Garlic Drip Strain


What is the Garlic Drip Strain?

The Garlic Drip Strain, by the Botanist™, is a potent bud with an unmistakable strong garlic flavor, hence the name. This strain is packed with cannabinoids, terpenes, and 17%-21% THC. Together, they provide a unique rush or entourage effect based on your body chemistry.

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Is Garlic Drip Strain Indica or Sativa?

Sativa and indica are the two primary cannabis strains. Hybrid refers to cannabis containing indica and sativa. The Garlic Drip Strain is an indica-dominant hybrid containing 70% indica and 30% sativa, along with 25.8% Total Active Cannabinoids (TAC). Another notable feature is the euphoric rush created in five minutes with effects lasting for a few hours.

More Garlic Drip Strain Characteristics

The indica-leaning hybrid buds look like minty green nugs with thin orange and white hairlike outgrowths. However, it is Garlic Drip’s THC level that makes it a popular choice for treating conditions such as chronic pain, chronic stress, mood swings, depression, and insomnia.

Genetics & Lineage

Garlic Drip Strain is a cross between GMO and White OG. GMO, also known as Garlic Cookies, is a potent indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain that results from crossing these two strains:

White OG, also known as “White Kush OG,” is an indica marijuana strain that was cultivated by crossing these two strains:

  • The White
  • SFV OG Kush


Cannabis experts have come up with a long list of adjectives to describe the scent. They all seem to agree on the pungent garlic aroma accompanied by overtones of fresh herbs and spices. Other reviewers describe the bud as having the earthiness of mushrooms combined with lemongrass and sweet citrus peel.


One expert cannabis website describes the strain as having a “deliciously sharp garlic flavor” with a noticeable earthy, spicy black pepper, and sage aftertaste. Other descriptions include a skunky profile with a strong hint of diesel and lemon and pine undertones that help to even out the taste.


The popular bud contains 5.09% / 0.50mg total terpenes. Possessing high amounts of the terpene B-caryophyllene enables the Garlic Drip flower to provide an invigorating high. Here’s a breakdown of the total terpenes:

  • B-Myrcene: 21.9mg / 2.19%
  • Limonene: 13.1mg / 1.31%
  • B-Caryophyllene: 5mg / 0.5%

For those curious: here’s more on what terpenes actually are.

How will the Garlic Drip Strain make me feel?

Knowing what to expect from your selection of cannabis strains helps you prepare for the effects.

Garlic Drip can be smoked or dabbed and begins producing a unique high approximately 5 minutes after consumption. The effects can last up to a few hours. The high begins with a cerebral buzz. Mental relaxation, physical heaviness, and sleepiness start to kick in shortly after. That explains why consumers prefer the bud for its ability to relieve stress, fatigue, and insomnia.

Note that the exact indica to sativa percentage ratio varies and the method of consumption influences the THC effects of the product. In addition, the cannabinoids and terpene percentage and effects vary depending on growing and harvesting methods, according to Leaf411. Ensure you review the product label for the THC and CBD potency.

Strains like Garlic Drip Strain

Other popular strains with similar genetic, terpenes and THC profiles include:

  • Lemon Kush
  • Mango Kush
  • Fruity Pebbles OG (FPOG)

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