Get a Cheap Ounce of Weed in Massachusetts

Get a Cheap Ounce of Flower in Massachusetts


Get a Cheap Ounce of Weed in Massachusetts

On the search for a cheap ounce in Massachusetts? We’ve got ounces that will keep more money in your pocket at Capital Cannabis. From high-quality shake to full ounces of buds, we’ve got a fine collection of ounce deals in MA. We love offering good deals, so take a look at how to get your ounce of flower for the best possible price below.

Check Out Our Ounce Deals in Massachusetts at Capital Cannabis

With not only value-packed edibles and budget-friendly $7 pre-rolls, our dispensary has gained a stellar reputation for delivering some of the best cannabis deals in the Bay State. And we’re just as keen on providing good prices on ounces. We’ve got 28 full grams of shake for just $85, a price you’ll only find at the CAP! But we’ve also got a full ounce of smalls for just $90!

Our menu showcases the finest flower sourced from the state’s top cannabis cultivators, and our dedicated efforts ensure we secure the best possible prices for each batch. Additionally, our cheap ounces never mean bad-quality weed. You’ll see brands like Perpetual and Midz, both of which have high-quality cannabis.

A few strains you may see in our cheap-ounce lineup periodically include:

  • Kool Grapes – An Indica-dominant strain with a slight minty fruit flavor capable of leaving you relaxed and happy
  • Dirty Kush Breath – A highly potent Indica with over 33% THC that leads to absolute bliss and euphoria
  • Pink Lychee – A potent hybrid with high THC, a slightly sweet flavor, and a reputation for inducing a state of creativity
  • Touch Point – An exceptional hybrid with 34% THC, an earthy flavor, and calming, happy effects
Kool Grapes Strain

How to Track Down the Cheapest Ounce in Massachusetts

Fortunately, the cost of quality cannabis flower has considerably steadied in Massachusetts over recent years. Nonetheless, it’s essential to note that prices may vary across dispensaries, so it’s advisable to choose your shopping destination wisely. Take the opportunity to explore different dispensaries and compare prices listed on their menus. When visiting a dispensary in person, be on the lookout for daily deals, and feel free to seek recommendations from the budtender for budget-friendly options. If you haven’t already, consider subscribing to newsletters and joining loyalty programs at your preferred dispensaries to gain access to exclusive insights on special savings.

Get All the Best Ounce Deals in MA at Capital Cannabis

When you need the cheapest ounce in Massachusetts, be sure to find Capital Cannabis on the map. We’ll make sure you walk away with a full OZ for a reasonable price. In a rush? Check out our dispensary deals on our menu where you can order ahead for fast pickup when you arrive.

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