Hashgar from Yamna


What is the Yamna Hashgar?

Yamna Hashgar from Yamna Cannabis is a type of hash and weed cigar, similar to the Yamna Cannagar. The exclusive and flavorful cigar is wrapped in a premium, cannabis leaf with hand-ground bud – delivering about 1,503 grams of total THC. The pre-roll promises an even smoke, but be warned, you’ll need a few fellow tokers to get through this one. Shop Premium Hashgars!

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How Potent is Yamna Hashgar?

The Yamna Hashgar is a highly potent hash + weed cigar containing 4g of 70’s Blonde Hash and 1520g total THC. Tokers can expect about 5mg per hit. No need to rush. It will take some time to toke and savor the whole length.

How is Yamna Hashgar made?

Yamna makes this unique “hashgar” by hand using strain-specific blond hash. Premium hand-ground cannabis is also packed into a leaf using a special technique that allows for long, slow, and even smoke. The product is then rolled and left to cure.

Should I smoke it all at once?

The highly potent pre-rolled cigar has enough tokers to go around, so you’ll want to take your time with it. Expert tokers recommend cutting off pieces that are just enough to provide the highly desired. But that’s if you don’t already have a party of weed cigar lovers drooling for a puff.

Yamna Cannabis Product Line

  • Premium Flowers: Includes strains like Mimosa, Tropicanna Cookies, and Pineapple Cake.
  • Hashgars: Potent and unique alternative to Cannagar weed cigars.
  • Cannagars: Cannabis cigars filled with high-quality hand-ground cannabis flowers.
  • Tea-H-Cannacaps: THC capsules that are the perfect alternative to toking.

Who makes Yamna Hashgar?

The product is manufactured by a Massachusetts premier adult-use cannabis company known as Yamna. According to Yamna’s website, the company, located in Uxbridge, MA, got its name from the Yamnaya people. They were a nomadic tribe that lived in the Copper Age/Early Bronze Age.

The Yamnaya tribe migrated from Eurasia and is believed to be the first group of people to actively cultivate the cannabis plant for domestic purposes. They learned the different uses of the plant over time and began trading the plant and growing information across Europe and Asia. The Yamna brand strives to preserve the history and culture of the Yamnaya people.

Where to Buy Yamna Hashgar in Massachusetts

Capital Cannabis is one of a handful of dispensaries licensed to market Yamna products, including hashgar. Anyone aged 21 or older with a valid unexpired ID can legally enter our showroom and purchase this pre-roll. While here, check out the Yamna Flower Jars and Cannagars available exclusively at our dispensary.

Buy Yamna Hashgar at Capital Cannabis

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