Jilly Bean Strain


What is the Jilly Bean Weed Strain?

The Jilly Bean weed strain is excellent, ideal for staying calm, happy, and focused. It’s to get things done high. The high begins as a brain buzz, cerebral, euphoric, and conducive to good social energy and creative motivation—and then the indica genes come in on the chorus to bring the mellow body high.

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Strain Appearance

Raging with a color palette straight out of a Renaissance canvas, Jilly Bean is beautiful. Picture if you will, resinous flowers have a frosted, shiny appearance, highlighted by trichome-heavy flecks of green and gold; leaves in hues of green, purple, and burgundy.

Jilly Bean Flavor Profile

The taste and aroma of the Jilly Bean Strain is a delicious combination of a top note of citrus and orange, with other sweet and tropical fruit tones, such as mango, and a gentle tangy taste that comes together to form a deliciously balanced bouquet. Perhaps it’s the power of suggestion. However, it does taste like a fruit jelly bean.

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Jilly Bean Strain History & Genetics

Jilly Bean, popularly known as “Jillybean,” is a tasty mix between an Orange Velvet female and a Space Queen male. However, some believe the lineage is a mix between the Space Queen and the Orange Skunk. It is widely assumed that Subcool and MzJill produced and cultivated this juicy variety at the West Coast seed bank TGA Genetics.

Legend has it that the name honors a grower—an artisan, a giant in the field— MzJill. A rival story has Jill of the Bean as a Ganja muse. Either way, it’d make a wicked ballad.

Cannabinoid & Terpene Breakdown

What gives this wonderful tropical scent and taste to this sweet weed? Myrcene is the predominant terpene, imparting a herbal aroma, followed by caryophyllene, pepper, and pinene, pine. The Jilly Bean strain is a traditional 60/40 Sativa/Indica hybrid, with THC levels averaging 18% and CBD levels averaging 1%. Different producers will have small differences in cannabinoids and terpene concentrations.

  • Average THC percent: 18%
  • Most common terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene & Pinene

Jilly Bean Strain Effects

Here is the herb for those who love combining the satisfying sativa effects of uplifted mood, gentle euphoria, and focused creativity, coupled with an indica-based body high that is easy and comfortable. This nicely balanced hybrid is excellent for getting things done, whether creatively working on a project, engaging in physical labor, or having a good social time.

The best time to smoke? As comedian/writer/actor Steve Martin observed, “I used to smoke marijuana.” He only lit up in the late evening. Maybe mid-evening. Occasionally, early afternoon. And, “Oh, sometimes the early-mid-late-early morning. . . . But never at dusk.” — I know! You’re shocked, right? And everyone knows the dusk smoke is one of the finest buzzes of the day!

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Strain Review

The Jilly Bean Strain is an excellent flower for newbies and those who, as Hendrix expressed it, are experienced. It is delectably tasty any time of day or evening. So, consider sampling some Jilly Bean to savor a fun, creative, happy mind-high coupled with chilled-out body bliss.

Jilly Bean weed strain may work well for aiding symptoms of ADHD, migraines, nausea, insomnia, and pain. The hybrid sativa-indica effects are inspiring, uplifting, and energizing, with a calming body high, and can aid anxiety, depression, and stress. However, taken in large doses, it may have a gently sedating effect, leading to naps. Yes!


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