Lime OG Strain


What is the Lime OG Strain?

Picture, if you will, dark olive green nugs formed in the image of the perfect derriere: they’re heart-shaped. The dark olive color sets off luxuriant amber hairs that are so luscious that Beyonce might look at it and say, “Good hair!” And this supports the coating of sweet white crystal trichomes, rich, aromatic, and sticky. Oh Yes! Say it again, Baby, slowly! “Rich, aromatic, and sticky.” Not sure about the lime taste? Not to worry, the lime and kush flavors balance each other beautifully.

Lime OG Strain Flavor Profile

As you’d expect from a strain with the handle of Lime OG, this bud has a sweet and tart main note of citrus, floral, and pine thanks to the primary terpene, terpinolene. The next dominant terpene, myrcene, is spicy and earthy, with a hint of musk, while the caryophyllene brings the peppery tones. However, we don’t have to know all that. What matters is that it comes together for a beautifully balanced bouquet of citrus and earth, while the delectable kush taste holds its own.

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Lime OG History & Genetics

Like racehorses and royalty, lineage matters in matters of the herb, so for those who want to know, the Lime OG lineage is Lime Skunk and Triple OG, by Exotic Genetix.

Lime OG Strain THC Percent

Is the Lime OG weed strain good for newbies? With its slightly higher than average THC content of 15% – 20%, with 19% the average, this is a smooth, gentle, uplifting smoke that works for both beginners and those experienced enough to roll as Snoop Dogg’s bud concierge.

Lime OG Strain Effects

Speaking of balance, Lime OG is a hybrid with a slight tilt towards the Sativa side; it comes on slowly and builds. There’s a sweet sensation of inspiration, creativity, and focus—and the effects afford a clear-headed, well-sustained buzz that means business. Then, oh yes, the next wave hits, with its relaxing body bliss. This weed is excellent for creative work and reflection. The effects are primarily energizing, with a smooth, long-sustaining high that supports clarity and focus, making Lime OG a superb choice for your daytime smoke.

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Strain Summary

The Lime OG Strain will interest those working through health issues like ADHD (yes!), depression, stress, or anxiety. This weed is like mother’s milk for the mood: uplifting, focusing, and happy-making, with a calm, Indica-supported center. It also helps overcome nausea and ease chronic pain. Look, I’m not a doctor (that’s just a cosplay thing, and it’s entirely between consenting adults, but we digress). The point is, you might want to bring this up with your healthcare provider. And doctors love it when you make suggestions! (At least my cosplay partner does.) Or, you could talk with the good folks at your local cannabis dispensary.

Yes: Weed is a natural product, the flowering of nature and human ingenuity—a labor of love. And different producers, growers, seasons, and crops may have subtle differences in traits such as THC, CBD, and terpene percentages. So, you want standardization and chemical certainty? Then get a gas station burrito, where you’ve assured standardization!

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