Mint Chocolate Chip Strain


What is the Mint Chocolate Chip Strain?

The Mint Chocolate Chip weed strain has the flavor you’d expect—and more. And, like philosophy and love, it’s complex. There are mint, mocha, and nut tones, with citrus notes and hints of pine and spice.

Mint Chocolate Chip Strain Flavor Profile

The buds of Mint Chocolate Chip are bodacious, with a large, distinctly tapered shape and round, olive-green nugs. Showing the influence of its Indica heritage, the inner part of the bud showcases dark green leaves, short and broad, curling inward towards a solid core and fetchingly set off by luxuriant, fuzzy orange hairs. The flowers are generously decorated with crystal trichomes. Yes, it looks good enough to eat, and it is. But then again, when the Mint Chocolate Chip strain is this flavorful, you gotta cry, “It’s Fire!”

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Mint Chocolate Chip Strain History & Genetics

Sure, it looks sweet and innocent, but how did Mint Chocolate Chip ever get cooked up? One story has it that this strain is a cross between SinMint Cookies and Green Ribbon BX. However, others disagree. They posit that the Mint Chocolate Chip weed strain is the love child of a Green Ribbon BX and a Girl Scout Cookie phenotype.

Mint Chocolate Chip THC Percent & Terpenes

No LA Kush Cake Strain info would be complete without a THC and cannabinoid breakdown.

  • This strain reliably has THC levels aroun 18%.
  • Mint Chocolate Chip has a terpene profile including Limonene, Myrcene, & Caryophyllene.

Mint Chocolate Chip Strain Effects

A 50% Sativa-50% Indica hybrid, Mint Chocolate Chip has a THC content level ranging from 17% to 23%. Yes, cultivating weed is both art and science, so there can be subtle differences in the percentages of cannabinoids, CBD, and terpenes. Many choose Mint Chocolate Chip for working through conditions such as migraines, stress, depression, and ADHD. It’s a good choice for chronic pain and inflammation. And Mint Chocolate Chip is a super appetite stimulant and an excellent option for overtaking insomnia.

The Mint Chocolate Chip strain can be an intriguing choice for the newbie. The relaxing effects bring feelings of comfort and happiness coupled with a body buzz that’s totally relaxed and almost sleepy. However, there may be a bit of that racing mind phenomenon, a sort of heightened sensory perception. So, if you’re prone to paranoia, consider experimenting and enjoying a little at a time, but take note: when the Mint Chocolate Chip moves on you, it moves fast!

Strain Summary

Savor the sensation of Mint Chocolate Chip. The high, a nice head buzz, comes on quickly, followed by a tingling sensation and feelings of focus and motivation, a low-key, sustained, mind-high that’s great for creativity and gaining a fresh perspective. Yet, there’s the other side of how the Mint Chocolate Chip weed strain crumbles: the gentle body buzz and ease, delivering profound relaxation and a mild chill-out effect.

Mint Chocolate Chip strain is the bud that soothes the body and stimulates the brain. However, because of its sedative qualities (sofa, I’m looking at you!), this might make an excellent herb for later in the afternoon or as an evening treat. Pair it with a tall glass of milk for those nights when the body’s keyed up, yet you want a mind-mood buoyed up with clarity and focus. A relatively rare strain to find, if you come across Mint Chocolate Chip, consider giving it a try to savor a delectable smoking experience.

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