Quarters of Small Buds of Flower for Only $28 in MA

Quarter Deals in Massachusetts – 7g of Small Buds of Flower for $28!  


Quarters of Small Buds of Flower for Only $28 in MA

A quarter-ounce is quite a bit of weed, so when you come across a cheap quarter in Massachusetts, it’s hard not to get a little excited. And if you know where to shop, you can get the cheapest quarter in MA and still take home high-quality bud. Matter of fact, we’ve got 7g of smalls for just $28 at Capital Cannabis, which is one cheap quarter! Take a look at all the details about our quarter-ounce deals.

Take a Look at Our Quarter Deals in Massachusetts

We’re making waves for some of the best dispensary deals in MA, especially with everything from half-ounce buds for just $54 out the door to $10 edibles. However, you really can’t beat a quarter-ounce of smalls for just $28. We’ve also got good prices on flower from the top names in the state, such as Cookies, Happy Valley, and The Heirloom Collective.

Our strain picks for quarter deals change from week to week based on supply and demand. However, we always pick a good strain that anyone can appreciate. A few picks you may see on the menu include:

  • Adios MF – A terpene-rich hybrid that sends the mind packing and the body into a relaxed state of bliss
  • Dirty Kush Breath – A highly potent, 33% THC Indica with a pungent earthiness that leaves you stargazing and happy
  • Touch Point – Highly potent at 34% THC, this hybrid strain tastes like spice and heat and leaves you giggly and ready for bed
  • Do-Si-Dos – An Indica strain with a sweet, smooth smoke that is known for its mentally uplifting qualities
Dirty Kush Breath Weed Strain

How to Get the Cheapest Quarter in Massachusetts

By shopping at the CAP, of course! But, if you do go anywhere else, here are a few tips to keep in mind. Always do your research and compare quarter prices online—prices can be significantly different from one place to the next. When in doubt, get the low-down from the budtender when you visit a shop in person. They always have the deets on the lowest prices. If you find a dispensary you really like, be sure to sign up for the dispensary newsletter or loyalty program if it’s available. You can also add your preferred dispensaries to your favorites on Leafly.

Grab Your Cheap Quarter in MA at Capital Cannabis

No matter what kind of weed you prefer or cannabis product you want, rest assured we’ve got something on the menu for you at Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary. Be sure to check in weekly to see what new strains we’ve got available for a price that’s easy on the wallet. In a rush? Order online, and we’ll have you ready to go when you arrive.

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