The view from Mount Greylock

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The view from Mount Greylock

If you’re visiting a dispensary in Western Massachusetts, you’re in for a treat. Beyond the exceptional cannabis, this region offers a plethora of activities to amplify the visit and your overall experience. From exploring the Berkshires and sleeping under the stars to enjoying the art and history, Western Mass has something for every traveler. Check out this list of what to do in Western Mass, indoors and out.


The Best Outdoor Things to Do in Western Mass

1. Go on a lake-exploring adventure at Tully Lake

Western Massachusetts is stitched together with numerous lakes, rivers, and natural waterways. Therefore, if you enjoy exploring by boat, you’re in the prime location to do just that. One of the most frequented lakes in the area is Tully Lake in Royalston, which is one of the best places to go for a paddle boat trip due to its massive size.

Lake Tully has more than 1,300 acres to explore, and it is riddled with tiny islands and wildlife in the summer months, which makes it especially fun to explore. Also, fishing and swimming are allowed pretty much all over the lake, and you can easily navigate your way to Tully River for an even longer adventure.

2. Take a scenic hike or go skiing in the Berkshires

Ask pretty much anyone about the best places to ski in MA, and they’ll immediately point you in the direction of the Berkshires in Western Mass. There are several awesome skiing opportunities in the area, including Jiminy Peak, Catamount Mountain, and Butternut. All of these locations are home to ski resorts where you can rent gear, get some professional instruction, or even grab some good food when you leave the slopes for the night.

While skiing is the best way to spend your time in these areas in the winter, there are just as many chances to enjoy the outdoors in the summer on foot. Many areas surrounding the Berkshire Mountains offer hiking trails that lead to some of the most breathtaking views in the state. A few favorites include Hoosac Range in North Adams and Housatonic Flats in Great Barrington.

3. Go camping at Fernwood Forest

There are dozens of awesome places to camp sprinkled along the western parts of MA. One of the most popular campgrounds is at Fernwood Forest. Fernwood Forest is a family-owned place situated in Hinsdale that boasts over 100 acres of campsites for both RVers and tent droppers. Many of the campsites offer privacy from your neighboring campers if you’re looking for solitude.

This location is perfect for a quiet night under the stars and close enough to nearby attractions like Mt. Greylock State Reservation that there is never a shortage of things to see when the sun rises. The campsite is also conveniently a short stroll away from Plunkett Lake, which provides easy access for swimming, fishing, and boating activities. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for people to pick a spot and hang out at Fernwood for several days while exploring the area or getting some much-needed time in the sun.

4. Go for a scenic drive along the Mohawk Trail

The Mohawk Trail is one of Western Mass’s treasured scenic byways that stretches over 69 miles. If the nip in the air’s a bit too much to explore on foot, load up in the car, grab a few snacks, and hit the road that was the original footpath for Native Americans hundreds of years ago. You’ll meander your way through some of the most scenic parts of the state, including alongside a number of flowing rivers, scenic vistas, and historic sites with stories to tell. Make sure to keep your camera on hand because there will be so many points where you want to stop and snap a memorable shot.

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Fun Things to Do in Western Mass Indoors

1. Immerse yourself in art at Mass MoCA or The Clark Institute

The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MoCA) in North Adams and The Clark Institute in Williamstown are both in northwest MA, actually about six miles apart. Therefore, you could easily plan a full day exploring both locations on days when it’s best to hang out indoors. MASS MoCA is one of the largest contemporary art museums in the country and features dynamic exhibitions, installations, and live performances by both established and emerging artists. By contrast, The Clark Institute is a bit smaller but just as enjoyable with its art history library and massive collection of fine art from a long list of creators.

2. Catch a live performance at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center

If you’re looking for things to do in Western Mass this weekend, the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center in Great Barrington always has a captivating performance in the works from Friday through Sunday. Mahaiwe hosts everything from live stage plays to films, concerts, and comedy shows at all times of the year. On weekends, this large historic venue comes to life with a diverse collection of entertainment types, and ticket prices are always relatively cheap at just $25 a person for most events.

Start Your Western Mass Escape at Capital Cannabis

Whether you’re on a search for solitude under the stars, arts and culture, or history, Western Massachusetts never disappoints. As you make plans to explore the area, we’d love to see you start your journey at the Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary in Douglas. Our recreational cannabis dispensary menu is chock-full of some of the best weed you can find in the Bay State, as well as edibles, concentrates, vapes, and more. Ready to start your journey? Take a look at our menu and order ahead for quick pickup.


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