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What is the Wedding Crasher Strain?

The Wedding Crasher Strain has become a preferred choice for boosting energy, sociability, and happiness. Consumers love the long-lasting and energizing high, containing roughly 21% THC. You’ll likely have loads of energy and motivation to complete the long to-do list you’ve been procrastinating.

On top of that, the fruity, vanilla, grassy, and diesel flavors and aromas arouse the senses and enhance the overall euphoric experience.

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Is the Wedding Crasher Strain indica or sativa?

According to, the Wedding Crasher Strain, also known as “Wedding Crashers,” possesses 60% indica and 40% sativa. This makes it indica-dominant hybrid marijuana. The flower is produced by crossing two other indica-dominant strains called Wedding Cake and Purple Punch.

Other Strain Characteristics

A closer look at the forest green nugget reveals thin orange and purple hairs and shiny, crystal-like trichomes. Like most hybrids, the plant grows well indoors and outdoors. Flowering begins within 63-70 days, according to

The THC potency, enhanced by terpenes, makes it a highly sought-after strain for relieving common physical and psychological conditions. They include chronic stress, fatigue, inflammation, appetite loss, nausea, mood swings, and depression.


The hybrid, by Symbiotic Genetics, came into being from crossing the Wedding Cake, also called Pink Cookies, and the Purple Punch strains. Wedding Cake is known for having high THC potency and is the direct product of these two strains:

  • Triangle Kush
  • Animal Mints

Purple Punch, a rare indica-leaning hybrid, came from uniting the following two cultivars:

  • Larry OG
  • Grand Daddy Purps


Obvious mellow, earthy, sharp grassy scents fill the nostrils when you pull apart the flower. Also quite noticeable is the grape berry and vanilla smell of Wedding Cake intermixed with the earthy blueberry, grape, and vanilla notes of Purple Punch.


Expect a strong, sweet taste of berries and grapes followed by a mild vanilla, gassy aftertaste.


Terpenes are compounds that contribute to the flavor and smell, along with the effects of cannabis. Of all the terpenes, these are the most abundant:

Wedding Crashers’ THC and terpenes percentages will vary based on factors such as growing, harvesting, and extraction processes. Since the flower is very low in cannabidiol (CBD), weed experts advised that it will create a “pretty legit high.”

How will the Wedding Crasher Strain make me feel?

Users report a “sweet smoke” filled with flavors of grapes or berries and a light vanilla flavor when exhaled. There’s also a strong grassy, gas-like overtone. Be prepared to welcome the super uplifting and happy feelings mixed with mental clarity and focus.

Although it stimulates a super high, the nug isn’t known for creating an overwhelming feeling or leaving you sedated and glued to the couch the way Citral Glue does.

If anything, expect a rush of euphoria that brings out your sociable and extroverted sides. Confidently strike up a conversation in any social setting or hit the dance floor feeling uninhibited.

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