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Massachusetts Cannabis Brands

Those looking for the best cannabis products in Massachusetts should check out Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary, located in Douglas, MA. While there may be plenty of dispensaries throughout the Bay State, few offer this kind of selection, with more than three dozen of the top cannabis brands in Massachusetts. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most notable ones.


Fernway (named for a term for “longing for faraway places”) produces some of the state’s most beloved and award-winning vapes and vape cartridges, available in an incredible selection of strains and styles. Fernway also produces regular flowers, which can also be purchased in convenient pre-rolls or pre-roll packs.


Those who’d prefer to skip the smoking, vaping, or even traditional edibles may find their new favorite cannabis product from Levia, which produces THC-infused seltzers in refreshing (and potent) flavors like lemon-lime and jam berry. In addition, Levia allows users to give any beverage a bit of a buzz with its powerful water-soluble tinctures.

Northeast Alternatives

For a do-it-all cannabis company that doesn’t sacrifice quality in any of its products, check out Northeast Alternatives. Founded on the healing principles of cannabis, the company produces high-quality flower, pre-rolls, vapes, and tinctures, as well as extensive selections of concentrates and delicious and unique edibles like cheesecake chocolates.

Sanctuary Medicinals

Sanctuary Medicinals offers one of the Massachusetts weed brands for those who love concentrates. While the company produces a wide selection of cannabis products, they shine in particular for choices like diamonds, rocks, sauce, and other potent THC extracts.

Southie Adams

Inspired by the hard-working and authentic character of South Boston, Southie Adams produces a wide selection of the state’s top products for all types of cannabis consumers. With a diverse mix of flower, infused blunts, gummies, vapes, and more, it’s hard to go wrong with any of their offerings.


Lovers of edibles, take note. You won’t want to miss out on Wana’s top-tier selection. Products include fast-acting edibles, solventless ones, those infused with CBD and other cannabinoids, and many more.

So Many Excellent Massachusetts Weed Brands To Choose From

These are just a small fraction of the dozens of Bay State-grown and processed brands available at Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary. Our experienced budtenders can help you select the perfect product for your needs, tolerance, and budget. So stop in today to find your new favorite cannabis brand or stock up on an old reliable one.

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