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CO2LORS is a brand of cannabis vapes produced with, in the company’s words, “the goal to make cannabis beautiful.” CO2LORS are made by dispensary operator Trulieve. The company operates nearly 200 dispensaries in eight states and produces a variety of cannabis products itself, in addition to other brands sold on its shelves.


Product FAQs

How potent are CO2LORS?

The short answer is very! Typical CO2LORS vape oil comes in at around 80-90% THC, far higher than flower, edibles, and even most concentrates.

How are CO2LORS made?

CO2LORS’ goal is to be as pure a cannabis product as possible. That means no artificial cutting agents or residual solvents – just cannabis- and plant-derived substances like terpenes and cannabinoids. They accomplish this through a unique “CO2 fractionation process” to extract those must-have substances, which are combined with high-potency cannabinoids, creating a vape oil as effective as it is natural. This oil is packaged in cartridges made with stainless steel collars and Pyrex glass exterior, providing long-lasting, high-quality storage. Exceptional care is also put into how CO2LORS is delivered through the company’s innovative ceramic wicking system.

How much CO2LORS should I take?

It’s important to remember that tolerance varies from person to person and product to product. Most people who haven’t vaped much should start with a two- to three-second inhalation, followed by a 5-30 minute waiting period to see how it affects them. Once users are comfortable with the effects, they can supplement with as many additional hits as desired.

CO2LORS Review

Vape enthusiasts will find a lot to love in CO2LORS disposable vape cartridges. Available in six flavors (strawnana, apricot, sweet melon, grape dreams, blueberry, and strawberry lemonade), they’re as delicious as they are pure and potent. Cartridges are refillable and rechargeable with convenient, standard USB chargers, making them easy to take on the go for discreet toking. Plus, their stylish colors stand out in a world filled with ugly, forgettable vaporizers.

Where to Buy CO2LORS in MA

Come See Us!

CO2LORS producer Trulieve has three locations in Massachusetts. These are located in Northhampton, Worcester, and Framingham and are likely to carry the CO2LORS vape pen you’re looking for. However, CO2LORS are also available from a selection of other dispensaries throughout the Bay State.

Buy CO2LORS at Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary

While cannabis buyers have many options for their vape needs, there’s no better spot to pick up their new CO2LORS vape pen than Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary. In addition to CO2LORS, Capital Cannabis stocks a wide variety of marijuana products, from flower and pre-rolls to edibles, concentrates, and more. In addition, our knowledgeable budtenders will help you select the perfect item for your needs, ensuring you’ll have the perfect cannabis experience. So stop in today to see what Capital Cannabis has waiting for you.

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