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Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls

Dogwalkers is a high-quality cannabis pre-roll company supplying dispensaries in seven states, including Massachusetts. They’re designed for an individual or small group and geared toward short sessions and portability, perhaps, as the name suggests, while taking a dog for a walk. These highly potent, carefully crafted pre-rolls are among the most popular small-size joints on the market. In addition, Dogwalkers gives back to communities where it operates by working with local animal shelters and organizations, as well as supporting cannabis education through the Green Thumb (GTI) Family efforts.

dogwalkers prerolls

Dogwalkers Pre-rolls

Product Line

Dogwalkers cannabis focuses solely on the thing it does best – high-quality pre-rolls. However, there are a few different Dogwalkers pre rolls options for tokers with different needs and tolerances. Dogwalkers’ offerings start with Mini Dogs, sold in packs of five or 12 pre-rolls of 0.35 grams each, roughly the equivalent of a medium bowl. For “longer walks,” the company offers its Big Dog pre-rolls, weighing in at 0.75 grams each and packaged in a discreet reusable tube. Those looking for extra elevation can even opt for the Show Dog, pre-rolls infused with potent crumble available in 0.45 and one gram versions.

Inside these high-grade papers, buyers can find a diverse selection of sativa, indica, and hybrid choices for their Dogwalkers strain, including:

  • Brownie Scout
  • Tangie
  • Orange Herijuana
  • Durban
  • Purple Punch
  • Casino Kush
  • Bubba Fett
  • And more…

Each offers unique benefits and effects that allow buyers to tailor their walk to their desired experience.

Dogwalkers Review

The word is out on Dogwalkers weed products, with stellar reviews from a variety of sources. Weedmaps wrote that they’re among the best and most consistent mini pre-rolls on the market and called the high “buoyant.” Meanwhile, tokers on Reddit called them “surprisingly good,” with others noting they rarely liked pre-rolls but enjoyed Dogwalkers nonetheless. Finally, IHeartJane reviewers praised both the cerebral high and relief for body pain, as well as the high-quality packaging.

Where to Buy Dogwalkers Pre-rolls in MA

Come See Us!

Stroll nearly anywhere you choose in the Bay State, and you likely won’t be too far from a dispensary stocking Dogwalkers products. Dozens of locations in the Commonwealth sell Dogwalkers, with the most options clustering around cities like Boston, Worcester, and Springfield. However, numerous dispensaries in smaller towns and even the extreme edges of the state in western Massachusetts and Cape Cod have options nearby.

Buy Dogwalkers at Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary

Those looking to purchase Dogwalkers joints in the southern or central Massachusetts area should head to Douglas and grab them from Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary. In addition to Dogwalkers, Capital Cannabis provides a complete selection of flower, edibles, concentrates, vaporizers, CBD products, and more. Plus, buyers can count on skilled, knowledgeable service from Capital Cannabis’ friendly budtenders. There’s no better choice for Dogwalkers pre rolls and any other marijuana purchase.

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