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Happy Valley Cannabis

Happy Valley Cannabis is a unique combination of a top-tier producer of marijuana flower and THC products with a small chain of dispensaries. Founded in 2016, Happy Valley was created to deliver what it calls a “consistent, premium-quality cannabis experience,” something owners felt was lacking from other growers and dispensaries. Using custom-tailored techniques with cutting-edge growing and production equipment, Happy Valley creates some of Massachusetts’ most finely crafted and unique cannabis products.

Happy Valley Cannabis

Product Line

Unlike many growers and producers who only do one or two things, Happy Valley crafts a wide variety of high-quality products from its cannabis grows. Happy Valley grows more than 20 different GMO-free, chemical-free cultivars, from familiar strains like Mandarin Cookies and Super Lemon Haze to exotic styles like Dubble Tropicanna, Dog Patch, and Star 91. Lovers of flower can also find traditional pre-rolls or try out Happy Valley’s “Moon Rocket,” which mixes premium flower with bubble hash and dry sift to help you really blast off.

In addition, Happy Valley creates delicious THC edibles, like gummies or chocolates, as well as fast-acting drink powder and discreet distillate capsules. Vape users can also try out Happy Valley’s ultra-refined THC oils, available in standard cartridges and disposable pens, along with solventless live hash rosin cartridges for a vaping experience that preserves the full, subtle effects of each strain. Happy Valley even produces wellness-oriented cannabis products like 1:1 THC/CBD salve or THC tinctures.

Happy Valley Cannabis Review

There are few cannabis companies quite like Happy Valley. Their love and respect for their plants show in each premium product, from the finely cured flower to carefully processed live hash rosin or tasty but effective edibles. Plus, their commitment to removing pesticides, chemicals, and GMO products is appealing to those who want as clean of a cannabis experience as possible. With such a diverse selection of products, there’s plenty for even the most seasoned marijuana enthusiast to try out.

Where to Buy Happy Valley Cannabis in MA

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Happy Valley is available at dozens of retail partners throughout the Bay State, from the tip of Cape Cod to the far western border.

Buy Happy Valley Cannabis at Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary

Despite the many choices for purchasing Happy Valley products, the best one remains Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary in Douglas, MA. Capital Cannabis provides an extensive selection of Happy Valley flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vape pods, concentrates, and more, ensuring there’s something for all buyers. Plus, our experienced and compassionate budtenders know these products back to front and can help ensure you get exactly what you need with excellent value prices. Stop in today to check out what’s in stock and see how this community-oriented dispensary can help you.

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