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Incredibles are a divinely delicious, sophisticatedly wrapped, and tempting line of cannabis edibles. Incredibles edibles are among the most-requested gummies at Capital Cannabis and other Massachusetts dispensaries. Before you indulge, take a look at the product lineup, ingredients, potency, and where to buy Incredibles cannabis edibles in MA.

Incredibles Edibles

Incredibles Edibles

Incredibles is an award-winning brand of hand-crafted edibles infused with ingredients extracted from top-tier strains. Consumers can’t get enough of the flavorful assortment ever since they hit dispensary shelves in 2010.

Incredibles Product Collection

The Incredibles cannabis edibles lineup comes in a variety of flavors to suit everyone’s taste buds. Some are specially curated CBD, CBN, CBD, and THCV gummies for pain, relaxation, or sleep. Your local Massachusetts dispensary menus are bound to have these:

  • Incredibles Edibles Chocolate Bars: Mouthwatering THC-infused chocolate squares
  • Incredibles Edibles Gummies: Carefully crafted to satisfy distinct desired effects.
  • Incredibles Edibles Sours: For a tongue-twisting mouth-puckering experience.
  • Incredibles Edibles Fruit Trio Tarts and Mints: Small-but-mighty delicious bites designed for micro-dosing throughout the day.

Incredible Edibles FAQs

Who makes Incredibles Cannabis Edibles?

Incredibles edibles, one of the largest edibles brands, is manufactured by a Colorado company named Medically Correct, LLC. The founders launched their product line to provide high-quality infused edibles that are consistent in taste and potency.

Are Incredibles Cannabis Edibles Vegan?

The multi-award-winning THC gummies, chocolates, sour candies, tarts, and mints are 100% vegan. Incredibles are also gluten-free and non-GMO. Vegans and consumers with gluten restrictions can consume with confidence.

How potent are Incredibles edibles

Potency varies depending on the product type. Take Incredibles Chocolate for example. Most packets contain 10 pieces of 10mg-100mg THC for recreational purposes and 100mg-1000mg for medical use. Green Apple, Summer Peach, and Mon Cheery are packaged as 10-piece, 100mg THC gummies.

How are Incredibles Cannabis-Infused Edibles Made

The THC sweets treats are hand-crafted using 100% pure cannabis oil extracted from cannabis grown by the owners. The ingredients are meticulously blended to ensure a consistent and accurate dosing experience. Each batch of edibles is triple-tested to verify the quality and dose are accurate.

How many Incredibles edibles gummies should I take?

Always read the package label before you pop a yummy gummy or creamy chocolate square. As a rule of thumb for adult use, take 1/4 to 1/2 of a single gummy at first use. Assess your tolerance level from there to find a comfortable dose. Medical marijuana consumers may follow their doctor’s directions on dosing.

Incredibles Consumer Reviews

The wide range of flavors and consistency in taste and effects are the top qualities consumers rave about. One Weedmap reviewer of the award-winning Incredibles edibles gummies, Snoozzzeberry said, “One of the best it helps with my P.T.S.D!” A Leafly reviewer finds Incredibles Mile High Mint Chocolate “Delectable and effective.”

Where to Buy Incredibles Edibles in MA

Come See Us!

Massachusetts dispensary shelves are lined with Incredibles edibles gummies, chocolates, tarts, mints, sours, and more! Get your hand on a pack of the mouthwatering ‘medibles’ at our dispensary.

Buy Incredibles Edibles at Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary

Savor the taste and satisfy the craving for Incredibles edibles gummies. Order ahead online at our recreational dispensary in Douglas, MA. Call 774-302-WEED (9333) to speak with a budtender.

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