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Muse Cannabis

Trulieve, a Florida-based, vertically integrated “seed-to-sale” company, introduced the Muse brand in 2021. Muse Cannabis is a line of premium, mind-expanding concentrates and cartridges, one of several proprietary brands Trulieve introduced to provide a range of top quality, unique, products that together meet the full spectrum of consumer needs.

Muse Cannabis Reviews

Reviews across the web

I just got a gram of the live resin banana OG and it’s fantastic across the board.

I got the budder and it's amazing. Tastes great and literally hit like a train. I'm blazed.

Indeed, best vape I smoked. Buying only those from the moment I tasted it.

Muse Cannabis

Product Specs

Muse Cannabis Product Line

The Muse line offers a number of different cannabis products, including extracts, concentrates and naturally-derived botanical vapes, including:

  • Live Budder 1G
  • Live Badder 1G
  • Live Resin 1G
  • Live Terpene Sauz 1G
  • Live Suga 1G
  • Live Sauz Cartridge .5G
  • Liquid Live Resin Cartridge .5G
  • Live Diamonds Concentrate .5G

Muse Cannabis FAQs

Where are Muse Cannabis products made?

Muse products are made from cannabis grown in Florida by Trulieve, a vertical cannabis company that launched the line in 2021 of terpene-rich, full-spectrum, richly aromatic, flavorful, and incredibly smooth Muse concentrates, vapes and extracts. The Muse line is made from fresh frozen flower, ensuring robust and healing relief.

How strong are Muse Cannabis vapes?

Muse offers a variety of vape cartridges made from cannabis distillate, but the potencies vary depending on the specific strain used to make it. Select one of the Muse vapes that includes a strain that meets the potency needs you are looking for in your cannabis.

How are Muse Cannabis concentrates different?

Muse concentrates are extracted in Trulieve’s state-of-the-art lab with fresh frozen flower harvested from the company’s Florida crops. Muse offers a full-spectrum concentrate with exceptional taste that is known for containing higher levels of terpenes than other traditional concentrates sold at medical and recreational dispensaries.

Where to Buy Muse Cannabis in Massachusetts

Muse Cannabis products can be found at many MA medical and adult-use dispensaries. If you would like to know more about Muse, check out the Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary menu. We offer the brand’s concentrates, extracts and vapes.

Buy Muse Cannabis at Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary

Our dispensary prides itself on the convenience, variety and quality that we offer. The Muse product line is one of many selections available, including flower, edibles and other selections to serve our customers’ needs.

Where to Buy Muse Cannabis in MA

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