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Yamna Flower & Cannagars

We no longer offer Yamna Products. Check out our other offerings HERE! We recommend M-80 Infused Pre-Rolls, Pioneer Pre-Rolls and Glorious Moon Rocks!

Introducing Yamna Cannabis: Premier cannabis from Massachusetts. Interested in shopping for Yamna products? Our selection changes based on what we have in stock, but a few of the most popular strains from Yamna that we typically have are:

  • MAC 1
  • Squanchy
  • Tropicanna Cookies
  • Pineapple Cake
  • Point Break

We typically have Cannagars available in different strains as well as pre rolls, Hashgars, and 4 gram flower jars!


Product Specs

Yamna is a microbusiness focusing on cannabis products made with a “for smokers, by smokers” ethos. Based in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, the company takes its name from a nomadic Eurasian tribe from the Bronze Age credited with first domesticating and cultivating cannabis. The Yamna people’s strategic spot helped spread knowledge of cannabis throughout the known world along routes that would later become known as the Silk Road. Today, these same principles of knowledge and craftsmanship are applied to produce some of the Bay State’s most premium cannabis products.

Products Available From Yamna Cannabis

Premium Flower

Yamna produces a line of premium marijuana flower and other cannabis products aimed at providing an upscale tier of items for smokers seeking a high-end experience. Yamna flower forms the core of the company’s offerings, with unique and potent strains like Crystal Cookies, Pineapple Cake, Point Break, Platinum Valley, and Double Take. All are derived from premium strain lineages from respected breeders. This flower is carefully grown, harvested, and cured to produce a top-quality smoking experience that cultivates and preserves important cannabinoids and terpenes.

Yamna Flower is some of the best available in MA. Take your pick of some of their best strains like Mimosa, Tropicanna Cookies, Pineapple Cake, and more. Shop Yamna Flower.


The company’s other premier product is Yamna cannagars. Think of the convenience of a pre-roll mixed with the luxury and craftsmanship of a cigar, and you’ve got the idea. They’re handmade, with 2 grams of ground premium Yamna flower wrapped in 100% American-grown hemp tipped with a reusable glass filter.

Yamna Cannagars are the first of their kind to land on the Mass. market. Each cannagar has a 24k gold inlay on the end, making it all the more unique. All of Yamna’s Cannagars are filled with high-quality hand-ground cannabis flower that hasn’t been cut or shook. Shop Cannagars.


Yamna cannagars are also available in infused versions, with rosin drops or bubble hash providing an additional lift. Smokers with large groups or high tolerances can even opt for the hashgar, packed with 4 grams of bubble hash that can slowly burn for an hour or more! There’s simply nothing like it for Massachusetts cannabis lovers. That’s right, not a Cannagar – a HASHGAR. With total THC at about 1,503 grams, you’re gonna want a few friends to help you on this one. We have the best prices on Hashgars around! Yamna Hashgar from Yamna Cannabis is a type of hash and weed cigar, similar to the Yamna Cannagar. The exclusive and flavorful cigar is wrapped in a premium, cannabis leaf with hand-ground bud. The pre-roll promises an even smoke, but be warned, you’ll need a few fellow tokers to get through this one. Shop HASHGARS.


For our fellow canna-consumers who prefer not to toke, these capsules are the perfect choice. Coming soon!

What is a Cannagar?

Basically – it’s a cannabis cigar! A Cannagar is a cigar with absolutely no tobacco. Cannagars are created by compressing cannabis around a skewer and wrapping it in a cannabis fan leaf. The act of compacting and compressing the cannabis around a skewer produces a long-lasting, slow-burning, full-flavored roll. The skewer allows for airflow and a proper burn – no canoeing!

Yamna Cannabis Review

Yamna’s owners have spoken about their desire to create a premium cannabis brand alternative, a combination of top-shelf alcohol and a finely crafted cigar. By all accounts, they’ve succeeded. Cannabis buyers in the Bay State looking for some of the finest flower on the market should take note of these distinctive, potent strains, typically available in eighth-ounce (3.5-gram) packages. Meanwhile, Yamna cannagars offer a unique pre-roll perfect for passing around the circle with friends or puffing peacefully on your own. There’s no mistaking it – this high-quality product was produced by skilled growers and craftsmen with intimate knowledge about and passion for the cannabis market.

Learn More About The Yamna Brand

Yamna Cannabis is based out of Massachusetts, but their brand encompasses a “Transcontinental Connection”.

If you’re wondering where the name came from – according to Yamna’s website, the Yamna, or Yamnaya people were a nomadic tribe that lived in the Copper Age/Early Bronze Age. They came from Eurasia and are said to be the first group of people to actively domesticate and cultivate the cannabis plant.

During their time as Pioneers, the Yamna learned how to use marijuana in many different ways. As legend goes, they spread that information and traded the plant across Europe and Asia, along trade routes which would one day be known as the Silk Road. The Yamna brand strives to embody this rich educational history and culture.

How Potent is Yamna Hashgar?

The Yamna Hashgar is a highly potent hash + weed cigar containing 4g of 70’s Blonde Hash and 1520g total THC. Tokers can expect about 5mg per hit. No need to rush. It will take some time to toke and savor the whole length.

How is Yamna Hashgar made?

Yamna makes this unique “hashgar” by hand using strain-specific blond hash. Premium hand-ground cannabis is also packed into a leaf using a special technique that allows for long, slow, and even smoke. The product is then rolled and left to cure.

Should I smoke it all at once?

The highly potent pre-rolled cigar has enough tokers to go around, so you’ll want to take your time with it. Expert tokers recommend cutting off pieces that are just enough to provide the highly desired. But that’s if you don’t already have a party of weed cigar lovers drooling for a puff.

Who is Blackstone Valley Naturals?

Based in Uxbridge, MA, Blackstone Valley Naturals is a Massachusetts cannabis brand with an indoor cultivation facility as well as a product manufacturing license. They received approval for their provisional license in June of 2019, making them the 4th Microbusiness to be awarded a license in MA. Capital Cannabis is SO EXCITED to be the first dispensary in Massachusetts selling their products!

How long has Blackstone Valley Naturals existed?

The inception of the business took place in May 2017, when Co-Founder Kevin MacConnell took a drive to Uxbridge and started working on getting paperwork together with his business partner Tim Phillips.

What products does Blackstone Valley Naturals produce?

They plan on selling their Premium Yamna Flower Cannagars as well as 4 gram jars of flower as well as vape cartridges with solventless hash rosin in the future. Moving into the future, they will mainly focus on cannabis concentrates.

Where to Buy Yamna Flower and Cannagars in MA

Come See Us!

More than two dozen dispensaries across Massachusetts offer Yamna products. They’re found in every region of the state, including the Cape and western Massachusetts. However, the Boston area has the most spots with Yamna for sale. Capital Cannabis is one of a handful of dispensaries licensed to market Yamna products, including hashgar. Anyone aged 21 or older with a valid unexpired ID can legally enter our showroom and purchase this pre-roll. While here, check out the Yamna Flower Jars and Cannagars available exclusively at our dispensary.

Buy Yamna Hashgar at Capital Cannabis

While there are plenty of options for where to buy Yamna cannabis, there’s no better choice than Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary in Douglas, MA. Capital Cannabis’ knowledgable budtenders will help you select the perfect Yamna product for your needs and desires, whether it’s your first time smoking or you’re a longtime veteran. With affordable prices, a wide selection, and great service, cannabis buyers will find themselves coming back again and again to stock up.

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