Cheap Eighths of Flower for $18 in Massachusetts

Cheap Weed in MA
Half Ounce $54 Out the Door

Cheap Weed in Douglas, MA

Looking for the best cheap weed Massachusetts has to offer? How about a half ounce for $54 out the door or an ounce for $108 out the gate? If these prices sound impossible, it may be time for a visit to Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary in Douglas, MA to see just how easy it is to get the best dispensary deals around.

Massachusetts Dispensary Deals

Check Out Our Ongoing Cheap Flower Deals in Douglas MA

If you need to stock up on flower, there is no better place to find cheap weed in Mass than at Capital Cannabis. We don’t just offer passing weed deals that only last a few days; we always have cheap flower on the menu with special Forever Pricing. You can get $54 out the door for a half ounce or $108 out the gate for an entire ounce! Plus, we always have $18 and $20 eighths. Don’t forget, we offer weed grown by some of the best cultivators in the state, such as Freshly Baked, Happy Valley, Perpetual, and Church Cannabis Co.

Strain picks are the only thing that changes with our cheap weed Massachusetts deals. We add new strains to the lineup every Friday and Tuesday. A few strains you may catch in our flower deal lineup include:

Bubble Yum

A lovably sweet Hybrid with 30% THC

Space Guava

A Potent Sativa with more than 30% THC

Dirty Kush Breath

A relaxing Indica with over 26% THC

Funky Boss

An Indica Hybrid with a soothing personality and around 30% THC


A funky Sativa with euphoric energy and 29% THC


Looking for Cheap Weed in Douglas Mass?

Is cheap weed in MA still high-quality?

Absolutely! When you shop at CCCD for cheap weed in MA, you can rest assured that you are still going to get cannabis that is flavorful, fresh, and from some of the best brands. We are often able to offer these deals because of a surplus of inventory or simply because we love helping people save money on weed.

What is the average price of weed in MA?

The average price of cannabis flower in MA is roughly $80 for a half ounce or $150 for an ounce. Therefore, a $54 half ounce or even a $108 ounce is an impossibly good deal!

Are high-potency strains ever cheap?

They definitely can be. While the price of weed can be a bit higher for higher-THC strains, this is not a hard-and-fast rule. You will occasionally see strains in our half-ounce deals lineup with exceptional potency nearing 30 percent THC.

Buy Cheap Halves & Ounces in MA at Capital Cannabis

Whether you are looking for a cheap half ounce in MA because you are shopping with limited funds or you simply like to restock your stash for less, we’ve always got good dispensary deals at Capital Cannabis in Douglas, MA. Be sure to take a look at our menu or stop by and ask about our deals on fine flower for the day.

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