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Cannabis Concentrates for Sale

Cannabis concentrates have become one of the trendiest ways to get high or deliver instant medical relief in recent years. But they’re nothing new. People have been enjoying cannabis concentrates as long as they’ve been enjoying cannabis itself, from simple kief and hashish to their more modern cousins. Luckily for Bay State cannabis lovers, Capital Community Dispensary offers some of the best and most diverse concentrates in Massachusetts.

Cannabis Concentrates for Sale in Massachusetts

What are Cannabis Concentrates?

As their name suggests, concentrates are essentially just concentrated forms of the important ingredients of cannabis – THC, cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds. The method for extracting the concentrate determines its final form.

What are the Different Types of Concentrates?

In some cases, concentrates simply consist of kief collected from ground flower. On the flip side, some are extracted from cannabis using compounds like CO2, butane, or ethanol, which can create concentrates like shatter, diamonds/rocks, wax, badder, budder, or sugar – perfect for dabs! Each of these has varying textures and consistencies, allowing users to choose the proper one for their consumption method. Solventless varieties like rosin and bubble hash are extracted without chemicals and are also popular among some users. There are even more specialized forms like RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) syringes, which are taken orally or applied topically.

How potent are concentrates?

Keep in mind that, as they are concentrated, all of these concentrate varieties are typically much, much more potent than traditional cannabis flower. Small amounts will go a long way toward your desired effects, which is why they’re commonly sold in either half- or full-gram sizes.

Where Can I Find Cannabis Concentrates Near Me In Massachusetts?

Whether you’re an experienced enthusiast or a first-timer, residents and visitors can find Massachusetts concentrates at a variety of dispensaries across the Bay State. But it’s hard to beat the combination of selection, service, and prices offered here at Capital Community Dispensary. Stop by our location in Douglas, MA, today to learn more and take home some of the best concentrates in Massachusetts.

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