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Platinum Valley

Platinum Valley is an award-winning marijuana strain, which AllBud reports took home prizes at the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup (Best Sativa) and the 2017 THC Championship. According to, it typically measures in at 17-19.5% THC, providing a strong but not overwhelming experience for cannabis consumers.

Is Platinum Valley Indica or Sativa?

Lovers of stimulating strains will enjoy this sativa-dominant hybrid. It boasts a roughly 70/30 split in favor of sativa over indica, according to AllBud.

More Platinum Valley Characteristics

Rather than vegging out on the couch, Platinum Valley is a “get up and go” type of cannabis strain, perfect for daytime use. It’s great for getting work done, cleaning the house, running annoying errands, or anything else that requires some focus and energy.


This delightful and unique cannabis strain is a result of crossing SFV Headband (a potent indica) and Silver Grapes (a strong and stimulating sativa), as reported by Leafly.


Nuggets from the Platinum Valley strain are mint green and small, with yellow-orange hairs. It’s known for its heavy covering of silver-white trichomes, which contributes to its “platinum” name.


Users primarily describe aromas from Platinum Valley as lemony or spicy, though notes of blueberry, mint, tobacco and traditional cannabis scent have all been reported as well.


Many smokers experience a grape or earthy flavor when inhaling, along with undertones of spice. On the exhale, there are notes of menthol and sweet-sour citrus.


While terpenes will vary from grower to grower, Platinum Valley offers a variety with subtle effects and benefits beloved by cannabis consumers. AskGrowers reports this marijuana strain is known to contain myrcene, phellandrene, carene, and linalool. Myrcene is among the most common cannabis terpenes, offering a variety of potential benefits from reducing inflammation to potentially blocking cancer-causing or DNA-damaging substances. Carene can have similar effects. Some studies have shown phellandrene to increase energy levels, while linalool is known as a calming terpene. Other testing has found high levels of caryophyllene in Platinum Valley, which has shown promise in treating anxiety, depression, and inflammation.

Effects: how will Platinum Valley make me feel?

Two words come up frequently in reviews on the Platinum Valley cannabis strain – stimulating and euphoric. This produces a calming but energetic state that allows users to be productive, creative, and focused without the anxiety that can accompany some sativa strains. Physically, many users report a light tingling sensation after consuming.

Strains like Platinum Valley

Cannabis consumers can find similar effects in many heavily sativa-dominant hybrids. Some examples include Bruce Banner, Colombian Gold, California Dream, and Sour Glue.

Where to Buy Platinum Valley in Massachusetts

Luckily for cannabis lovers in the Bay State, a variety of growers are producing this popular strain, which can be found at recreational and medical dispensaries throughout the area. Unlike particular brands or products, it can be difficult to find a full statewide inventory of specific strains.

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