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Pure Michian

Pure Michigan is a cannabis strain that pays tribute to the home state of the two breeders who created it, ThugPug Genetics and 3rd Coast Genetics. With THC levels in the 20-29% range, it packs a punch for those looking for a potent new kind of flower. Read on as we explore more in our Pure Michigan strain review.

Is Pure Michigan Indica or Sativa?

Lovers of relaxing but not overly chill strains will be happy to learn Pure Michigan is an Indica-dominant hybrid, split roughly 70/30 indica vs. sativa, according to Allbud.

More Pure Michigan Characteristics

So what else should buyers expect from the Pure Michigan weed strain? While there may be some slight variations based on grow style, nutrients, and other factors, here’s what cannabis consumers can generally expect.


According to Leafly, Pure Michigan was created by combining some of the best characteristics of two strains, the balanced hybrid Oreoz and the soothing indica Mendo Breath. Oreoz is itself a product of the Cookies and Cream and Secret Weapon strains, while Mendo Breath results from crossing Mendo Montage and OGKB.


Images of Pure Michigan show airy, small-to-medium-sized buds that are olive-green in color. Small reddish-orange hairs are also present throughout the nugs, which are coated in purplish-white trichomes.


A unique combination of aromas provides a delightful sensory experience for those consuming Pure Michigan. The most common notes reported to Weedmaps and others are lemon-lime, chocolate, and caramel, in addition to a subtle spiciness similar to pepper. Some even get notes of ammonia from particularly pungent batches.


Pure Michigan’s taste mirrors its aroma in many ways, with Allbud putting extra emphasis on creamy vanilla flavors on exhale. Others have described notes of nuttiness.


Analysis by Leafly finds the citrus-scented limonene to be the most common terpene in most Pure Michigan. It’s followed by myrcene and caryophyllene, two other popular and effective terpenes. However, it’s critical to once again note that terpene profiles on a single strain may differ (sometimes significantly) from grower to grower.

Effects: how will Pure Michigan make me feel?

Like many Indica-heavy strains, Pure Michigan is known for its relaxing effects, which are especially helpful for those dealing with anxiety or depression. However, unlike some “couch lock” indicas, Pure Michigan users often find they’re not only feeling creative but socially at ease as well. In addition, others have found it helps with sleep and common conditions like digestive issues or headaches.

Strains like Pure Michigan

Other indica-dominant hybrids will provide many of the same effects as Pure Michigan. These include GMO Cookies, Duct Tape, and Layer Cake, among others.

Where to Buy Pure Michigan in Massachusetts

According to Weedmaps, Pure Michigan is available at a wide variety of dispensaries across Massachusetts, from Cape Cod to the western border with New York. With a half dozen or more options, cannabis lovers are never far from an opportunity to try out this unique and satisfying strain.

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