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Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary is a recreational cannabis dispensary in Douglas, MA – only 27 min (19.2 mi) Northwest of Smithfield, RI via MA-146 N, proudly serving Smithfield, RI dispensary customers. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Welcome To Capital Cannabis!

Smithfield, RI Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Customers

Looking for a dispensary near Smithfield with an excellent selection of cannabis products? Our dispensary in Douglas, MA is located just 20 minutes away via MA-146 N.

Searching For The Best Dispensary Near Smithfield, RI?

Smithfield residents won’t be able to buy legal cannabis in Rhode Island until pending legislation is finalized and passed. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to wait for your first dispensary experience. Capital Cannabis has a fully-recreational adult-use dispensary just over the Massachusetts border in Douglas.

What You’ll Find at Our Dispensary

Cannabis legalization has brought on a golden age of cannabis products. We source the best locally and nationally sourced products for our clients here in the local New England community. Inside our dispensary, you’ll find options that include edibles, tinctures, shatter, topicals, and a wide range of flower.

Featured Products:

One of the Closest Dispensaries to Smithfield & Bryant University

We’re located about 25 minutes up the scenic Douglas Turnpike, easily accessible for those who live in Smithfield, Bryant students & faculty included!

Under Massachusetts law, it is 100% legal for adults 21 and up to visit dispensaries in Massachusetts. Just bring current, state-issued ID, along with cash or your debit card to cover any purchases.

Is weed legal in Smithfield, RI?

Rhode Island has both decriminalized marijuana for possession of less than 1 ounce and legalized access for medical purposes. Decriminalization makes possessing less than an ounce of cannabis a civil offense, like a parking ticket.

It is important to note that it is illegal to bring cannabis over the state border. So if you purchase from a MA dispensary, you’ll have to consume prior to heading back. Please consume responsibly and do not operate heavy machinery while under the influence of THC intoxication.

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Getting here from Smithfield, RI

Capital Cannabis in Douglas, MA is about 16 miles northwest of Smithfield, traveling on MA-146. If you need a ride to our dispensary, Uber and taxi services are available in the area. Here’s an Uber/Lyft price calculator from Smithfield to our Dispensary.

Staying in Smithfield, RI

If you’re searching for dispensaries near the Smithfield area because you’re visiting, there are ~145 stays available in Smithfield on Airbnb, and there are more than 100 hotels nearby.

Dope spots to hit near us

Although Capital Cannabis is a short drive from Smithfield, you can make a day of it by stopping at nearby attractions along the way, such as:

  • Blackstone River Greenway: Stop for the amazing bike trails or hiking along more than 24 miles of nature, a beautiful way to explore the Blackstone Valley.
  • John Flaherty’s Roses: You should stop at this garden and smell these in North Smithfield, considered the most beautiful roses in town!

A Relaxed Environment and Great Prices

We pride ourselves on offering some of the best prices on cannabis products in the area. And, our dispensary is never high-pressure. We do not force visitors to make a choice quickly and get out the door. Instead, we focus on offering a chill vibe and a welcoming environment. Take the time to explore our offerings and ask any questions that you have.

We’re looking forward to serving you.

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