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Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary is a recreational cannabis dispensary in Douglas, MA – only 15 min (9.2 mi) East of Webster, MA via MA-16 E, proudly serving Webster, MA dispensary customers. Stop by soon!

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Welcome To Capital Cannabis!

Webster, MA Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Customers

Looking for a dispensary near Webster? Our dispensary in Douglas, MA is located just 18 minutes away via MA-16 E.

Visit The Best Dispensary Near Webster, MA

There’s a lot that’s special about living in the Webster area. In fact, Worcester County has all sorts of enjoyable things to see and do, plus some of the best scenery around. One newer location that’s attracting a lot of interest? Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary.

Our dispensary at 93 Davis Street in Douglas is considered one of the best local dispensaries where you can find all sorts of high-quality and affordable cannabis products. Just 13 miles east of Webster on MA 16, this dispensary offers plenty to enjoy for everyone age 21 and older.

Is weed legal in Webster, MA?

Webster did choose to ban retail sales of cannabis, and delivery is not permitted in the area. However, weed is legal for adult use across the state of Massachusetts, including in the city of Webster. A few other helpful things to know if this will be your first dispensary visit:

  • Be sure to bring your government-issued photo ID to prove you are 21 or over
  • There is no limit on how many dispensaries you visit in a day—purchase limits apply
  • MA dispensary customers can buy up to 1 ounce of flower and 5g of concentrates in a day

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to ask a member of our team whatever you need to know during your visit. We’re pleased to help you learn about certain strains, determine which products are the best fit, and more.

Getting Here from Webster

  • From Webster, turn right onto S. Main St.
  • Turn left onto E. Main St.
  • Continue onto MA-16 E/Gore Rd.
  • Turn left onto MA-16 E
  • Turn left onto MA-16 E/Main St.
  • Take a slight right onto MA-16 E/Davis St.
  • Capital Cannabis is on the right

THC Products for Everyone.

Can’t sleep? Need an energy boost? Want to feel more creative? Want to slow your brain down and tune out? Need help with aches and pains or other medical conditions? Want something tasty? Our budtenders can use all of these questions to recommend what you need.

We have some of the sharpest budtenders around to help all of our shoppers make sense of all the options and avoid anyone feeling overwhelmed. They are eager to spend time with each shopper and assist in finding the appropriate product on each visit. You can explain if you have specific needs, such as pain or insomnia, or if just searching for something to help with relaxation. We’ll provide recommendations for various strains, potencies, and consumption methods.

Other Reasons to Visit Capital Cannabis from Webster, MA

If you make your way to Douglas to visit our pot shop, check out some local attractions. Be sure to grab a scoop or two of ice cream at The Ice Cream Lady. If you want some fresh air and hiking, head to the Douglas State Forest where you’ll have access to nearly 6,000 acres to explore. Vaillancourt Folk Art is an awesome place to find unique treasures and vintage collectibles.

We are The Best Dispensary Near Webster

Besides offering a wide range of products, we are considered one of the most affordable dispensaries in the state. There are always plenty of budget-friendly items that still provide a great experience. There are also premium items that can be a special treat. We know that finances can be challenging for some, so we want to make sure that there’s always something for everyone.

We want to be considered a warm and welcoming place for residents of Webster and Worcester County to enjoy. Whether you’re shopping here for health reasons or just to enjoy yourself, we’ll always enjoy assisting customers.

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