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Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary is a recreational cannabis dispensary in Douglas, MA – only 59 min (51.2 mi) North of Windham, CT via I-395 N, proudly serving Windham, CT dispensary customers. Stop in today!

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Welcome To Capital Cannabis!

Windham, CT Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Customers

Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary in Douglas, MA is 59 mins (50.5 mi) North of Windham via I-395 N. Visit our 5,000 sqft retail showroom today!

Looking for the Best Dispensary near Windham, CT?

As you probably know, weed is now legal in CT! However, dispensaries aren’t open quite yet. So visit us & join the hundreds of local communities relying on us for their cannabis wellness. We’re happy to be the bridge to wellness in our local area. View the menu to browse or order the latest and most popular products in our collection ahead of your visit.

At Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary, we are committed to the idea of helping our customers improve their lives through the use of cannabis. Our dispensary offers the very best quality cannabis flower, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, beverages, tinctures, topicals and CBD products. At Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary, we pledge to offer our customers only the highest grade cannabis products. Our recreational dispensary near Windham CT strives to maintain a selection of cannabis products to meet all of your needs, including more than two dozen types of flower that have been chosen for our customers because of their aromatic terpene profiles and rich flavors.

At Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary, we are also committed to providing the very best customer service. We know that you have choices when it comes to buying cannabis, so our marijuana dispensary close to Windham, CT features knowledgeable and caring budtenders. They can answer all of your questions and are eager to share their experience and cannabis knowledge as part of their commitment to the very best customer experience possible. Whether you are a first-time visitor to a cannabis dispensary or a seasoned cannabis enthusiast, we want to help make your life better with our fine selection of cannabis products and our outstanding customer service.

Why Visit The CCCD?

To get your hands on the finest strains of cannabis in town! whether for relieving medical conditions or promoting relaxation. We’ll make your drive from Windham worth the while with our wide variety of premium-quality products from over 50 of the best brands. They include:

  • Flower
  • Pre-rolls
  • Infused edibles
  • Concentrates
  • Tinctures
  • Topicals

We stock over 30 top-notch strains, the most recent being the Yamna MAC 1 Cannagar and Yamna MAC 1 4g Flower Jar. The Yamna Flower & Cannagars from Blackstone Valley Naturals are a potent and even-balanced hybrid that works well for chronic pain, fatigue, and depression. These two featured items are famous for providing energy, calm, and a sense of well-being. Another frequently talked-about strain is the Mint Chocolate Strain, a 50% sativa-50% indica hybrid that helps with stress, appetite, and sleep.

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Our friendly, professional budtenders are always on standby to assist in answering your questions and making your shopping experience a breeze. Many of our customers need some guidance in deciding between sativa, indica, or hybrid and on How to Choose the Right THC Products, in general.

Dope Spots to Visit On the Way

Maximize your trip by exploring fun stuff to do around our cannabis dispensary near Windham!

On your way up to Mass, you’ll drive through the Natchuag State Forest, a great hiking location! Also – before or after visiting us, you can check out Douglas State Forest, a recreational park that borders Connecticut and Rhode Island! There, you can go hiking, biking, canoeing, fishing, or boating on Wallum Lake.

Breezy Picnic Grounds and Waterslides is another popular attraction for a fun time with friends or family. If that’s not your thing, treat your tastebuds to an assortment of ice-cream flavors at West End Creamery. Bring your golfing gear and take advantage of their 18 hole miniature golf course!

Other reasons to visit Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary from Windham, CT

When you plan a trip to our marijuana dispensary near Windham CT, make sure to stop at fun destinations along the way, including:

  • The Last Green Valley in Killingly, CT, a National Heritage Corridor made up mostly of forest and farm land that boasts a stunning rural landscape known as the last swath of clear night sky between Boston and Washington, D.C.
  • the Downtown Area in Putnam, CT, a popular tourist attraction that sits along the banks of the Quinebaug River. The downtown area of Putnam offers visitors an impressive selection of restaurants, bars, cafes, theaters, art galleries and boutiques.

First Time Visiting a Dispensary in Douglas, MA?

Is weed legal in Windham, CT?

In the state of Connecticut, adults must be at least 21 years old to consume, possess and purchase cannabis. State law allows adults of legal age to keep up to 1.5 ounces of marijuana on their person or to keep up to 5 ounces in a locked container. This applies to state residents who visit our marijuana dispensary near Windham CT.

How old must I be to purchase cannabis in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, adults who are at least 21 can visit a dispensary and make purchases, as long as they bring a valid and current government-issued form of identification to our Windham CT dispensary to prove they are of legal age. Acceptable forms of identification include a state driver’s license, a federal government ID, a U.S. military ID, and Canadian ID cards.

How much weed can I buy during my visit?

In Massachusetts, the amount of cannabis a customer can buy during a visit to our recreational dispensary near Windham CT is up to one ounce of flower, five grams of concentrate and edibles with up to 100 milligrams of THC.

How to find CBD at a Dispensary near Windham, CT

Stop at our weed dispensary near Windham CT to browse our CBD products. If you’re looking for CBD, Leafly provides an easy-to-use map to help you locate dispensaries around Windham and the region.

Drop by Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary Soon

We’re all about providing authentic cannabis products and strains to meet your relaxation and wellness needs in a welcoming environment. Jumpstart your experience by browsing our staff picks. Stop by anytime! We’re conveniently located at 93 Davis St, Douglas, MA, or call us at 774-302-WEED (9333).


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