710 Deals in Massachusetts: Vets and Pets


Every year, an elite crowd of cannabis connoisseurs steps up to celebrate in July. And, rest assured, Massachusetts 710 deals are never hard to come by. What does 710 mean, anyway? What kind of 710 deals in Massachusetts can you find for the cannabis-based holiday? We are celebrating with a fundraiser for VFW and the Humane Society, with music, food, and more! Take a look at all the details to know how Capital Cannabis and their vendors support their communities!

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First, What Does 710 Mean?

710 is actually 7/10, which is an annual holiday on July 10th specifically in appreciation for cannabis oil, dabs, concentrated, and the purely potent forms of cannabis extracts. Why July 10th? When you turn 710 upside down, you have the word “OIL.” This relatively new holiday was penciled in specifically for those cannabis lovers who appreciate things cannabis concentrates; like hash oil, budder, badder, wax, shatter, and so on. Some people believe that 7:10 p.m. marks the moment when everyone should grab their dab rig and get to dabbing.

The 710 holiday has been around for over a decade, and it’s quickly gaining traction much like the infamous 4/20. However, the origins of the holiday are relatively mysterious, with several debates about when the idea was born and who thought of it. Nevertheless, Massachusetts dispensaries fully embrace a good reason to celebrate cannabis. Therefore, you can find all kinds of 710 deals in Massachusetts and other weed-legal states.

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At Capital Cannabis, we’re geared up and ready to celebrate 710 with all of our 710 oil-loving customers. Much like we do for 4/20, our menu will be filled with awesome deals on top-brand cannabis oils, dabs, and concentrates to appreciate. We will be supporting both the Douglas VFW and the Uxbridge VFW as well as the Humane Society! Those who donate eat for free!

We partner with the most respected concentrate brands in the state, such as:

Be sure to keep an eye on our menu to see what 710 deals we have on your top picks from these brands and more.

Find the Best 710 Deals in Massachusetts at Capital Cannabis

If you’ve been searching for “710 deals near me,” make sure you take a few minutes to explore the menu at Capital Cannabis. We pull together the top cannabis oils and concentrates in the state from the most trusted brands.

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