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Cantrip Seltzer

The appeal of delicious, refreshing seltzer drinks is now revolutionizing the world of cannabis through Cantrip Seltzer. Cantrip, a term for a playful act derived from the game Dungeons and Dragons, reflects the brand’s commitment to fostering social connection and exploration among cannabis lovers. In addition, Cantrip THC seltzer, sodas, and energy drinks are designed to provide the social experience of drinking without any of the unpleasant effects like hangovers.

Cantrip Seltzer

Product Line

Cantrip cannabis infused seltzer and other beverages are available in several varieties, all of which include THC derived from natural hemp. The company’s basic low-dose seltzer includes five milligrams of THC in Lemon Basil and Blackberry Lavender varieties, while Ginger Peach includes three milligrams with an additional boost of CBD. Ten-milligram THC sodas offer the strength of many traditional edibles combined with flavors we all know and love like cola, orange soda, and root beer. Those with higher tolerances or looking for an extra lift can sip on Cantrip’s potent 50-milligram versions of the same sodas. Finally, cannabis lovers in need of a boost can grab a Pace Dragonberry energy drink, which combines 10 milligrams of THC with 90 milligrams of caffeine, along with a selection of vitamins. All are low in calories and sugar, as well as gluten-free, vegan, and flavored naturally.

Cantrip Seltzer Reviews

There’s a lot to love about these tasty drinks beyond the amazing, distinctive flavors. For one, they provide a discreet, social way to consume cannabis without the stigma or the sometimes unpleasant effects for others like the smell of smoke or vapor. The company’s low-dose seltzers are perfect for beginner THC enthusiasts or those looking for just a light, social buzz that can build over the course of a party or other activities. Meanwhile, traditional and higher-dose beverages are excellent choices for a relaxing night at home or partying extra hard. When it comes to beverages and edibles, Cantrip THC seltzer is among the best choices for those on the go.

Where to Buy Cantrip Seltzer in MA

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Luckily, Cantrip cannabis infused seltzer isn’t hard to find in the Bay State. Dozens of recreational and medical dispensaries stock Cantrip products from the tip of Provincetown to the New York border and from the heart of Boston to numerous small towns. The exact selection and whether products are currently in stock will vary.

Buy Cantrip Seltzer at Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary

Among these many options, Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary in Douglas, MA, is the best bet for those looking for a refreshing change of pace in their marijuana consumption. Alongside Cantrip’s best products, buyers can shop a wide selection of flower, concentrates, vaporizers, tinctures, topicals, and more. Service is provided by Capital Cannabis’ knowledgeable and compassionate budtenders who can help you find your perfect new product or stock up on an old favorite. Stop in today to discover what Capital Cannabis and Cantrip can do for you.

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