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Capital Cannabis 1g Pre-Rolls

Capital Cannabis Brand Pre-Rolls are a great way to enjoy convenient, portable, pre-rolled joints without paying extra for brand names. With a whole gram of quality cannabis, they’re perfect for smoking with friends or several solo sessions.

Capital Cannabis pre-rolls are produced by our skilled team of cannabis professionals, who use Capital Cannabis flower sourced from only the most reputable Bay State marijuana growers.

Capital Cannabis 1g Pre-Rolls

Product Specs

How Potent are Capital Cannabis 1g Pre-Rolls?

The potency of Capital Cannabis pre-rolls varies by strain. Various cultivars of flower can range from single-digit THC percentages to well into the 30s. Check the packaging or inquire with a budtender if you’re not clear about THC content or levels of other terpenes or cannabinoids.

How Many Capital Cannabis Pre-Rolls Should I Smoke?

How much you’ll need will vary depending on the strength of the strain used, your tolerance, and your goals for the smoking session. For occasional smokers looking for a mild buzz, one or two hits at a time may do the trick. Those with higher tolerances or who are looking for a more intense high can smoke a third to a half of the joints in a sitting, while truly experienced stoners may enjoy a single-gram joint all to themselves.

Where to Buy Capital Cannabis 1-Gram Pre-Rolls in MA

Come See Us!

Buy Capital Cannabis Brand Pre-Rolls at Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary

As appealing as Capital Cannabis pre-rolls are, there’s only one catch – they’re only available at Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary in Douglas, MA. Stop in today to see what’s rolled up and take home an old favorite or chat with our experienced, knowledgeable budtenders to help select the perfect strain for your needs.

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