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Nova Farms

Nova Farms is a producer of top-tier cannabis products through what it calls “New England’s largest outdoor grow.” It offers a variety of high-end items produced from 100% sun-grown cannabis flower raised with sustainable farming practices and no pesticides. Nova Farms cannabis is grown on a 90-acre farm in the town of Sheffield, MA, close to the New York border.

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Nova Farms

Product Line

In addition to carefully grown and finely cured flower, Nova Farms products include:

Nova Farms Pre-Rolls: Produced from Nova Farms flower, these expertly crafted pre-rolls offer a smooth-smoking, convenient way to take your weed on the go or enjoy a session with friends.

Nova Farms Concentrates: Nova Farms also processes its cannabis into a variety of highly potent concentrates, perfect for elevating any session for even the most seasoned stoners.

Nova Farms Edibles: From gummies to chocolates and more, Nova Farms offers a diverse selection of edibles that are as effective as they are delicious. Crafted in a state-of-the-art kitchen, they’re bound to satisfy weed gourmets everywhere.

Nova Farms Vapes: It’s hard to find a better combination of potency, convenience, and discreetness than Nova Farms vapes, with in-house extraction technology that preserves the best aspects of the plant. Meanwhile, they use only natural terpenes and never put in any cutting agents or additives.

Nova Farms Review

Everything buyers need to know about the quality of Nova Farms cannabis can be found in the company’s many positive reviews. The brand is rated highly of Leafly, with one reviewer going as far as saying, “One cannot go wrong here. It’s almost unreal.” Meanwhile, on Reddit, another user called their pre-rolls “absolutely amazing.”

Where to Buy Nova Farms in MA

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Nova Farms operates three of its own dispensaries in the Bay State, located in Attleboro, Framingham, and Dracut. While these may have the most extensive selection of Nova Farms cannabis products, the company also supplies a wide variety of other dispensaries, meaning tokers looking to try out Nova Farms offerings or resupply their favorite likely won’t have to go far.

Buy Nova Farms at Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary

While there are plenty of places to pick up Nova Farms, there’s no better choice than Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary, located in Douglas, MA. Capital Cannabis has all the top Nova Farms products, served by some of the industry’s friendliest and most knowledgeable budtenders. But Nova Farms is just part of the incredible selection buyers will find at Capital Cannabis. Stop in today to see why it’s the top spot in southern Massachusetts.

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