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Pax Era Pods

PAX Era Pods are individually packaged cartridges containing cannabis extract. These Pods have increased in popularity over the years, particularly as cannabis has become legal in more states. Part of its allure is that once you’ve purchased the Era, you can experiment with different strains at your favorite dispensaries all around the country. We no longer offer Pax Era Pods. Check out our other vape offerings HERE!

Pax Era Pods

Product Specs

What is the Pax Era?

The PAX Era is a slim but effective vaporizing device that fits easily in a pocket or purse. The compact portable device is durable and stable, and allows the user to select from a variety of settings for optimal heating.

These Pods have revolutionized several challenges cannabis consumers face: how to vape discreetly, how to adjust the temperature in your vape, and how to have a good experience without the harmful smoke of traditional flower smoking devices.

Where to buy PAX Era pods

You can buy them right here at Capital Community Dispensary Douglas in Massachusetts – we are super close to Connecticut & Rhode Island, too!

PAX Era products are now available in many states around the country. Although the devices can be found at vape and smoke shops, the Pods are only available in states that legally sell cannabis products. In these places, you can find them at most licensed cannabis dispensaries.

Pax Era Pod FAQS

How to use Pax Pods

Simply take the Pax Era Pod out of its officially branded packaging and slide it into the top of your Pax Era. Note: Double-check the packaging – fakes may be available in unregulated markets throughout the country.

Here’s a how-to video from Pax: Pax Era Life: How-To

How long do PAX Era pods last?

If you’re wondering how many puffs are in a PAX Era pod, good question! The answer is “it depends on how much you use it.” Each pod contains .5 grams of cannabis oil. Generally, each pod is designed to provide 300-500 puffs before it needs to be changed.

If you’re new to cannabis or don’t want to feel overwhelmed by a big pull, you can take fewer, smaller puffs at a lower temperature. An extended session with bigger puffs and high temperatures can likely shorten the amounts of puffs in a PAX Era.

How to tell when PAX Era pod is empty

The device was designed to alert users when it is time to insert another pod. This is indicated by an LED display. PAX also provides a mobile app that quickly syncs with your vaporizer and tells you how much concentrate is left, as well as allowing you to change the temperature via the app.

Can you buy PAX Era pods online?

The official site offers several models, various colors, and even different options of the devices, including the dual-use PAX 3 that offers consumers the ability to use concentrates or loose-leaf material. However, due to various federal laws, you cannot buy PAX Era pods online. Visitors can use the official site to track down PAX Era products. You can type in your location in the official Pod Locator and see the nearest dispensaries or similar shops where they’re available.

Where to Buy Pax Era Pods in MA

Come See Us!

Come visit us at Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary in Douglas, MA. The CCCD offers a variety of options, from concentrates to items to improve the life and performance of your pod, such as a longer-lasting battery. Our 5,000-square-foot dispensary offers a large selection of flower, concentrates, and edibles, as well as various tools and accessories.

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