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Southie Adams

Southie Adams vape carts are among the best cheap vape carts on the market for Bay State tokers who don’t want to sacrifice quality for lower prices.

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FAQs About Southie Adams Vape Carts

Who Makes Southie Adams Vape Carts?

These high-quality cartridges are made by Southie Adams, part of the Nova Farms family of cannabis companies. It traces its roots to South Boston, with a goal of sharing premium full-spectrum cannabinoids and destigmatizing the cannabis plant and those who grow and work with it. The brand also offers flower, blunts and pre-rolls, live rosin, and edibles.

How Strong are Southie Adams Vape Carts?

Southie Adams carts are quite potent, with typical ones registering 70-90% THC or more. The exact percentage, as well as the terpene profiles, varies from strain to strain. In addition, Southie Adams offers lower THC cartridges (typically around 40-50%) that feature higher levels of CBD (10-15%.)

How are Southie Adams Vape Carts Made?

Southie Adams vape oil starts with Nova Farms’ premium, sun-grown cannabis flower, which is produced without pesticides. It’s then put through a state-of-the-art ethanol extraction process, which allows technicians to select the most desirable parts of the plant’s characteristics for the distillate oil. The oil is then packaged in premium cartridges that are as sleek and subtle as they are durable.

How Much Southie Adams Vape Cart Should I Use?

Generally, new vape users should start with a two- to three-second inhalation. Give it a few minutes to take effect, and then, if necessary, take additional hits of the same size until they’ve reached their desired state of mind.

Southie Adams Vape Cart Review

Southie Adams is the recipient of plenty of positive reviews from those who’ve tried it. On Stoner.Boston, a reviewer labeled the flavor of Southie Adams’ Berry Bomb as “terrific”. Meanwhile, on Reddit, one user praised the potency of the cartridges, calling it “easily the strongest vaping experience I have had in years”, while another praised the carts as “delicious and has amazing effects”.

Where to Buy Southie Adams Vape Carts in MA

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Fortunately, it’s easy to find Southie Adams deals all across the Commonwealth. The brand is available at dozens of dispensaries spanning nearly every part of Massachusetts, from the tip of Cape Cod to the Boston suburbs to the rural areas near the New York and Vermont borders.

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While you’ve got plenty of options for buying Southie Adams, you’ll find the best selection and prices at Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary in Douglas, MA. Capital Cannabis offers top vape cart deals with half-gram cartridges selling for just $15 each and full-gram cartridges for only $25. Combined with the huge selection of other cannabis products and some of the industry’s most knowledgeable and friendly budtenders, there’s no better choice for your next vape purchase.

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