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Too often, people associate cannabis solely with smoking. While many folks love some quality flower, others prefer to enjoy their cannabis in a more delicious, discreet form – edibles. Luckily for you, Capital Community Dispensary has a wide selection of the most effective, best-tasting edibles in Massachusetts.

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Cannabis Edibles for Sale in Massachusetts

What are Edibles?

Edibles generally refer to any cannabis product you can enjoy via ingesting. They range from familiar options like gummies and chocolate bars to baked goods or even seltzers, “drink enhancers,” cooking oils, and other unique forms. Cannabis edibles are typically made in similar ways to their “normal” siblings but with cannabis-infused oil or other delivery substances to provide the THC and other important compounds of marijuana. In most cases, you may hardly be able to tell there’s any cannabis in them at all! With no smoke or smell, they’re discreetly usable in nearly any situation, making them perfect for non-smoking spaces or on-the-go use.

What is in Edibles?

Just like cannabis flower or other products, cannabis edibles are available in sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. Serving sizes range from as little as 5 milligrams of THC to as much as 20 milligrams, providing options for cannabis lovers of all tolerances. Some may also include CBD, either as a supplement to a larger THC dose or as equal partners in “1:1” or “ratio” products.

How do Edibles Work?

Unlike smoking or vaping marijuana, cannabis edibles can take a little while to kick in. Users may feel effects within 15-20 minutes with some fast-acting edibles, while typical products kick in within an hour for most people. This can vary slightly based on the type of product, a user’s metabolism, and how much they’ve eaten recently, so it’s vital to be careful and patient when just starting out with cannabis edibles or trying a new product.

Where Can I Find Edibles Near Me In Massachusetts?

Massachusetts edibles are fairly easy to come by, as nearly every dispensary has some available, typically gummies. But experienced marijuana gourmets know not every cannabis edible is created equal. Luckily for you, we here at Capital Cannabis stock some of the best edibles in Massachusetts. With flavors for every craving and a diverse group of gummies, chocolates, seltzers, and even hot sauces, you’ll always have something new to try on your cannabis edibles journey. Stop by our dispensary in Douglas, MA, to talk with our experienced staff and find your perfect edible today.

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