Purchasing Marijuana at a Dispensary

Massachusetts Dispensary Deals – Best Weed Deals in MA


Purchasing Marijuana at a Dispensary

The state of Massachusetts made it legal for adults 21 and older to grow and possess weed on December 15, 2016. The first sales occurred on November 20, 2018. Ever since then, the local industry has exploded, leaving stoners always on the lookout for Massachusetts dispensary deals on ounces and other products. Not only do consumers have access to top-drawer weed from respected producers in the industry, they also get it at unbeatable prices! Specials and discounts apply to these everyday dispensary staples including:

Deals do not last for long. Getting savvy on how to track down the best dispensary deals in MA is key to grabbing them before they are gone. The tips below serve as a guide no matter if you are new to recreational use or a veteran toker. If you are in Douglas, MA, then Capital Cannabis recreational-only dispensary is a great place to cash in on the best cannabis sales and savings. Shop online or check out price slash on a list of items below from consumers’ favorite brands.


Purchasing Marijuana at a Dispensary

Ways to Get the Best Massachusetts Dispensary Deals

Use the right search terms online

To search for deals in a specific city, inputting the right words will help narrow your search to the dispensaries in that location. For example, typing “best Massachusetts dispensary deals” should bring up links to top retailers offering discounts statewide. The results are far fewer for city-specific searches. For example, type in the “best dispensary deals in Douglas MA” and local cannabis shops pop up. Sifting through their online menus to find dispensary discounts is easier this way. Getting right to the marijuana specials also minimizes frustration and saves time.

Search for deals on specific products

When searching for Massachusetts dispensary deals, use the exact product name plus the city or town. The search word “Massachusetts dispensary deals” on ounces” brings up sales specific to ounces. The same strategy works if the goal is to snatch deals on eighths, deals on pre-rolls, or price cuts on edibles. Search by brand to see offers on superior brands such as Yamna Flower & Cannagars, Bliss Pre-Rolls, or Wana Gummies. For the best weed strains in Massachusetts, use the strain name and add the word “deals” or “specials.”

Sign up for dispensary newsletters

Dispensary newsletters have various functions. One of them is to keep consumers updated and informed about upcoming and ongoing promotions, sales, offers, or daily discounts. Definitely sign up to get newsletters by email from the best dispensaries in MA. Receiving newsletters gives you advance notice on when to shop Massachusetts best dispensaries deals. Some newsletters contain coupon codes needed to buy pot and by-products at a reduced price. Some offers apply only when buying multiple of the same product. For example, 1g Distillate Cartridges Deal 2 for $75.

Deals on Ounces and Discounts at Capital Cannabis

At Capital Cannabis, we retail more than 30 strain varieties, cannabis concentrates, infused edibles, vape carts, and more. We curate our products and prices to keep consumers coming back. Check out discounts on glass, pipes, and rigs at 75% less than anyone offering Massachusetts dispensary deals. Follow the menu categories to make your selection and save big on deals eighths, ounces, and more!

  • $6-10 pre-rolls 1g: Including $8 Limosa pre-roll 1g (THC 29%), $10 Super Lemon Haze pre-roll 1g (THC 36%), and $10 Mandarin Cookies 1g (THC 30%)
  • $21-39 Eighths
  • $45-ounce popcorn nugs
  • $92 half ounce
  • $45-55 1g concentrates
  • Cannabis-infused vape carts

Don’t see your favorite weed products at price cuts? Keep checking back for new deals, daily deals, and other promotions. Of course, nothing beats getting more at reduced prices. Keep in mind that adult-use cannabis in Massachusetts remains a controlled substance. Marijuana buds are available for purchase by weight, e.g., 1 gram, 3.5 grams (1/8th), or 14 grams (half ounce). Know the legal limitations on how much marijuana a person can purchase and possess. Ask our budtender for guidance or check out Massachusetts Dispensary Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

Buying Recreational Marijuana at a Dispensary

Dispensary Marijuana Deals Get the Best Before the Rest

At Capital Cannabis, we offer more than just the cheapest Massachusetts dispensary deals to provide value for your money. We have a first-class weed shop, well-stocked shelves with a vast selection from major brands, and budtenders waiting to provide top-rated customer service. Contact us or order ahead online to pick up later. We’re easy to find and conveniently located at 93 Davis St, Douglas MA. Serving Oxford, Putnam, Thompson, and communities further away. Join the Fam for privileged access to hot new products and ways to save.


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