The 10 Best Weed Strains in Massachusetts (2023)


You can be one of the pickiest cannabis fans, and have no problem at all finding the best weed in Massachusetts. With top cultivators in Mass like garden remedies, nature’s Heritage, and an array of others, we get a mix of classic and craft cannabis strains that never disappoints. With so many good choices, how do you find the best weed strains in MA? We’ve got you covered with a compilation of the best cannabis in the state below.

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Best Weed Strains in Massachusetts

1. Rainbow Chip

  • THC: 24.29%
  • Top Flavors/Aromatics: Pineapple, mint, and lime
  • Lineage: Hybrid

When it comes to flavor, few strains can compare to Rainbow Chip by Nature’s Heritage. This aromatic strain is high in limonene and caryophyllene, so you get this interesting mix of sweet tropical punch and cooled pepper. Even more noteworthy, Rainbow Chip is one of those strains that work oh-so-well in social settings because it has a tendency to leave you feeling talkative and a little giggly.

2. Runtz

  • THC: 19.38%
  • Top Flavors/Aromatics: Berries, tree fruit, and sweetness
  • Lineage: Hybrid

The strain with a candy-like name, Runtz is always easy to appreciate if you want a milder smoke. Our customers love Runtz S1 from Southie Adams for this exact reason. The flower is rich in terpenes like limonene and myrcene, and every toke leaves a lingering tart sweetness on your tongue. The effects of Runtz are just as impressive. This strain works well for stress and the moody blues because it lifts you up, leaves you chatty, and fills you with a dose of wonder.

3. Gorilla Glue #4 (GG#4)

  • THC: 20%
  • Top Flavors/Aromatics: Pungent pine and earth
  • Lineage: Hybrid

GG#4 is a beloved strain with a heavy Indica lean that leaves you feeling like everything in the world is fine and dandy. Gorilla Glue is an award-winning strain and simply as easy to adore. The dominant caryophyllene terpene is toned down by pinene, which means the flavor is classic without being overwhelmingly spicy. GG#4 works well for sleep support, appetite enhancement, and stress.

4. OG Kush Breath

  • THC: 32.35%
  • Top Flavors/Aromatics: Woody earth and pine
  • Lineage: Indica

If your idea of the best weed in Massachusetts is the strain with the highest potency, OG Kush Breath from Good Chemistry Nurseries is a winner. OG Kush Breath is loaded with THC at over 30 percent, and it is definitely a heavy-hitter that acts quickly. The flavor can only be described as eclectic with its spicy notes of wood and earth drenched in pine and fuel. OG Kush Breath’s effects are like being immersed in a dense bucket of warm cotton where sleep comes easily and happiness is there for the taking.

5. Orange Mojito

  • THC: 27%
  • Top Flavors/Aromatics: Citrus and skunk
  • Lineage: Sativa

If you enjoy a weed strain that’s heavy on a Sparky citrus flavor, Orange Mojito from Fernway is bound to be a quick favorite. This Sativa-dominant strain is bursting at the seams with lemon and orange flavors thanks to the high concentration of the limonene terpene. Even better, Orange Mojito leaves you feeling inspired, focused, and ready to take on whatever any day may bring with a smile plastered across your face.

6. Apricot Roller Coaster

  • THC: 24.2%
  • Top Flavors/Aromatics: Florals, fruit, and kerosene
  • Lineage: Sativa

Apricot Roller Coaster from Trulieve is easily one of the best weed strains in Massachusetts. This Sativa strain serves up a quick dose of energy, which makes it perfect for wake-and-bake use. However, the dips between highs and lows can also involve a heavy body buzz and an incredibly inspirational uplift that works well for creative endeavors. The flavor of Apricot Roller Coaster toes the line between softly sweet with hints of floral and heavier notes of fuel.

7. Cease and Desist

  • THC: 24.1%
  • Top Flavors/Aromatics: Sweet, earthy, and pungent
  • Lineage: Indica

Cease and Desist, brought to life by Garden Remedies, is one of the best cannabis strains in Massachusetts. A cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG, Cease and Desist is exceptionally potent, intensely aromatic, and known to stop you right in your tracks. This Indica-dominant strain is perfect for end-of-day endeavors because it sits you down and lulls you right into a blissed-out state, ready for the best sleep.

8. Berry Haze

  • THC: 22%
  • Top Flavors/Aromatics: Berries and coffee
  • Lineage: Indica

Another excellent pick from Fenway, Berry Haze is just potent enough, bubbling with a fruity flavor, and always a smooth smoke. This strain is known for its uplifting, arousing effects that have just a hint of lingering creative energy. As part of the Haze line of genetics, Berry Haze provides a nice hazy aftermath that works well for stress.

9. Wedding Cake

  • THC: 30.5%
  • Top Flavors/Aromatics: Peppery vanilla sweetness
  • Lineage: Hybrid

House of Cultivar has a reputation for producing exceptional strains with even more inviting levels of terpenes. Wedding Cake happens to be one of the best with its more than 30 percent terpene profile, which consists of dominant aromatic compounds like limonene and myrcene. A cross between Animal Mints and Triangle Kush, Wedding Cake has deep peppery undertones coated in vanilla-cake sweetness. And this cultivar is said to be a good pick for dealing with pain.

10. 3 in the Pink

  • THC: 30.37%
  • Top Flavors/Aromatics: Lavender, berry, and pepper
  • Lineage: Hybrid

A cross between Triple OG and Pink Cookies, 3 in the Pink by Grow Rite is rapidly growing to be known as one of the best cannabis strains in Massachusetts. With a twisted name, you may have a hard time forgetting this flower, but the effects and flavor are where the true admiration comes in. The 3 in the Pink strain delivers a massive body buzz paired with a spicy floral flavor wrapped in citrus.

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