3 In The Pink Strain

The 3 in the Pink Strain Is Coming Back!


3 In The Pink Strain

Have you heard the good news? Back by popular demand: the Three in the Pink strain is on its way to the Capital Cannabis menu! Our adult-use customers couldn’t get enough of this gorgeous cultivar in the past. So we know there will be a lot of smiling, happy customers upon its return. Are you just getting to know the 3 in the Pink Strain? Get a closer look below.

3 In The Pink Strain

A Closer Look at the 3 in the Pink Strain

3 in the Pink Genetics

The 3 in the Pink strain came to life by crossing Triple OG and Pink Cookies, brought about by Exotic Genetix originally. The result is a rich, green hybrid bud that takes on an impressive pink hue and boasts a respectable THC content of around 20 percent.

3 in the Pink Flavor and Aromatics

Three in the Pink is a delight for the nose and tongue with its robust herbal, citrus flavor and aromatics. You catch a slip of berry sweetness coating the underlying lavender spiciness of the strain. These attributes are thanks to a hefty terpene lineup of myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene.

3 in the Pink Effects

One of the main reasons people adore Three in the Pink so much is its massive body buzz and overall relaxing, euphoric energy. This strain lives up to its reputation for being an easy-does-it strain. You may actually feel a little more focused than usual, with a physical tingle and a noteworthy uptick in your outlook on life. Some customers enjoy the strain for issues with muscle spasms, insomnia, and even a low mood.

Ready to try this beloved cultivar for yourself? Be sure to keep an eye on our menu at Capital Cannabis to catch Three in the Pink when she drops!

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