Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary Douglas, MA

Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Near Putnam, CT 06260

Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary is a recreational cannabis dispensary in Douglas, MA – only 27 min (22.3 mi) North of Putnam, CT via I-395 N and MA-16 E, proudly serving Putnam, CT dispensary customers. See you soon!

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Welcome To Capital Cannabis!

Putnam, CT Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Customers

Our dispensary in Douglas, MA is located under 25 minutes from Putnam, CT via I-395 N & MA-16 E.

What Makes Us The Best Dispensary Near Putnam, CT?

At Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary, we welcome all legal adults 21 and up. We started our dispensary with a passion for the plant and a dream of providing the best recreational products around. Today, we are Douglas, MA’s first and only dispensary. In our 5,000 square foot facility, you will find a generous selection of flower, extracts, concentrates, edibles, vapes, and more.

Is weed legal in Putnam, CT?

Yes, cannabis is legal in Connecticut for consumption and possession for adults 21 and over.

Are There Any Putnam Dispensaries?

Connecticut dispensaries currently only operate medicinally. These are only accessible to people with a diagnosed medical condition that allows them to purchase medical marijuana.

Can you legally buy marijuana in Massachusetts if you’re from Connecticut?

Absolutely! Here in Massachusetts, we have adult-use dispensaries accessible to anyone with valid government ID indicating they are 21 or over.

Getting here from Putnam, CT

Capital Cannabis is about 17 miles northeast of Putnam, traveling on Interstate 395 and MA-316. If you need help with transportation, you can also

Staying in Putnam, CT

If you’re searching for dispensaries near the Putnam area because you’ll be visiting the area, there are ~270 stays available in Putnam on Airbnb, and there are also dozens of hotels nearby.

Fun Things to Do Nearby

Although Capital Cannabis is a short drive from Putnam, you can make a day of it by stopping at nearby attractions along the way, such as:

  • Air Line State Park Trail: Stop for a scenic walk along this rail trail and linear state park in Thompson, CT. This beautiful slice of nature is frequented by hikers, bikers and horseback riders.
  • Douglas State Forest Bill Anesse Trailhead: Enjoy one of the best hiking trails in the area. This trail is double-wide and rolls through the woods.

We are One of the Closest Dispensaries to Connecticut

It will still be a while before Connecticut residents have recreational dispensaries in their state. We’re only 20 minutes away. You’re just minutes from a large selection of cannabis products that can be legally purchased by anyone 21 and up. Bring some cash or a debit card, and prepare to see the fantastic cannabis offerings at your closest local, community dispensary.

The Dispensary for Putnam Residents

We’re excited to welcome our neighbors from nearby New England states. We source both local and national products to provide the best selection possible. First time at a dispensary? We’re excited to show you around. Feel free to ask us any questions you have about the products and what you can expect.

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