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Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary is a recreational cannabis dispensary in Douglas, located only 31 min (27.6 mi) from Pawtucket via RI-146 N. We proudly serve recreational cannabis customers from Pawtucket, RI and beyond. Get Directions.

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Why Visit Our Closest Dispensary?

There’s no recreational dispensary quite like Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary. Buyers can check out 30 varieties of cannabis flower (including pre-rolls) with unique strains they may not find elsewhere. In addition, Capital Cannabis offers many delicious edibles and THC-infused beverages, as well as topicals, tinctures, and concentrates. Top-quality CBD products are also available, both combined with THC and on their own.

Jason Doherty Review via Google

Sometimes you run into a store along your travels that surprises you, this is that store. New everything from the perfectly paved parking lot to the smiles of employees waiting to serve you. It's hard to gauge sales employees at dispensaries because of one simple point, they all believe the job was created especially for them. Even knowing that they weren't after the sale as most places are, you go at your pace and when you're ready so are they.

Sierra Lewis Review via Google

First time at this dispensary and it definitely won't be my last. Such a chill vibe and ample parking. Even though dispensaries have opened in CT I will still go to mass.

Joseph Brown Review via Google

If you’re looking for Vape carts this is the place to go. No other place can beat their prices. Always friendly staff. Very welcoming and knowledgeable of their products and will happily answer all your questions.

Pawtucket Top Choice Dispensary

Visiting from Pawtucket? Things to Know

While there are plenty of places to buy cannabis, the best recreational dispensary near Pawtucket is still, without a doubt, Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary. Started by an immigrant chasing the American Dream, the result is one of the Bay State’s top places to buy marijuana products, whether you’re shopping for familiar items like more than 30 unique strains of cannabis flower, pre-rolls, and edibles, including beverages. Capital Cannabis also offers more potent or unusual formulations like concentrates, topicals, or tinctures, along with a full selection of CBD products unmatched by any weed dispensary near Pawtucket.

Is weed legal in Pawtucket, RI?

Yes, recreational marijuana is legal in the state of Rhode Island as a result of changes to state law in 2022. Medical cannabis has been legal in Rhode Island since 2006. Adults over age 21 are permitted to possess up to an ounce of cannabis as well as grow three cannabis plants. Unlike many other states, smoking marijuana is permitted anywhere tobacco is allowed, including public spaces. However, it’s against the law to transport marijuana across state lines, meaning any cannabis acquired in Rhode Island (or Massachusetts or any other state) must stay there, regardless of the fact that it’s legal on both sides of the state line.

Naturally, weed is also legal in Douglas, MA, the site of Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary. Adults in Massachusetts over age 21 can also possess an ounce of marijuana, up to 5 grams of which can be cannabis concentrates. Though it may go without saying, driving or operating another vehicle while under the influence of cannabis is strictly forbidden in both states.

Other Reasons to visit Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary from Pawtucket, RI

Visitors to Douglas, MA can enjoy a lot more than just the top marijuana dispensary near Pawtucket. Douglas is located in the heart of scenic rural southern Massachusetts, not far from the Douglas State Forest. This nearly 6,000-acre escape offers opportunities for hiking, fishing, boating, and even winter sports like cross-country skiing. Meanwhile, Douglas and East Douglas offer a variety of charming spots, from local restaurants and shops on NE Main Street to the historic Old Douglas Town Common.

Getting here from Pawtucket, RI

The most direct route from Pawtucket to Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary begins by heading south on Interstate 95 from downtown. After just over three miles, take exit 23 onto Charles Street toward RI State Route 146, heading north. Continue for roughly 21 miles, and then take exit 6 for MA State Route 16 West, which will bring you to the dispensary about two miles later.

An alternative route that is longer distance-wise but may take less time due to traffic involves instead heading north on Interstate 95 from downtown Pawtucket for approximately seven miles. Then, take exit 6 onto Interstate 295 South. Just under ten miles later, exit onto RI State Route 146, after which drivers can follow the directions above.

Staying in Douglas, MA

Unfortunately, those looking to stay overnight near Capital Cannabis Community Dispensary won’t have many options close to Douglas itself. However, nearby Uxbridge and Webster offer a variety of Airbnbs. Many hotels can be found a bit further north in the Worcester area.

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