Half Ounces of Small Buds of Flower for Sale for $54 Out the Door in MA

How About a Half Ounce of Small Buds of Flower for $54 Out the Door in MA?


Half Ounces of Small Buds of Flower for Sale for $54 Out the Door in MA

Looking for a cheap ounce in Massachusetts? Good news! You can get a half ounce of smalls at Capital Cannabis for just $45, which is only $54 out the door. So, if you’re looking to refuel your stash without a lot of cash, make sure to swing by our dispensary for a visit. We’re known for offering some of the best dispensary deals in MA, and our flower deals are a good example of why. Check out all the details in low-price half-ounces and below.

How to Get the Cheapest Ounce in Massachusetts at Capital Cannabis

If you want the cheapest ounce in MA, stop by and grab two $45 ($54 with taxes) half ounces of smalls. You’ll get a full ounce for just $90 bucks, and with multiple strains available, you can mix and match to build your ounce.

What exactly are smalls? Smalls are simply small nuggets of bud. Some people refer to these smaller flower nuggets as “popcorn buds.” Regardless of what they’re called, these small buds are never low on potency and always ripe with terpenes.

A few strains you may see available in smalls and around this low price point include:

  • Pink Lychee: A hybrid strain boasting profound THC levels at over 30%, a subtly sweet flavor profile, and great for sparking a creative state
  • Dirty Kush Breath: A powerful Indica boasting a THC content exceeding 33%, that leads you into a realm of pure bliss and euphoria
  • Touch Point: A popular hybrid with a THC content of 34%, an earthy flavor profile, and tranquil, euphoric effects

How to Find Half Ounce Deals in Massachusetts

Stocking up with a fresh half oz or full box of flower in MA will cost different amounts depending on where you shop. The pricing can vary depending on things like availability, location, and supply at all dispensaries. For this reason, make a habit of scouting the online menus to look for your favorite strains before heading out to shop. Also, look for opportunities to bundle and save, special deals around the holidays, and even good prices on a brand-new brand. When you don’t see a good deal on the menu in-store, always get recommendations from the budtender.

Half Ounces of Small Buds of Flower for $54 in Massachusetts

Find the Best Half Ounce Deals in MA at Capital Cannabis

From serving up $7 pre-rolls and affordable gummies, we have a reputation for giving customers awesome ways to save on some of the best cannabis around. If you’ll be in the Douglas area, be sure to stop in and get your $54-out-the-door half oz and other great cannabis deals today. You can also order online and pick up this impressive deal on the fly.

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