1 Gram Pre-Rolls Starting at $7 in Massachusetts

1 Gram Pre-Rolls Starting at $7 in Massachusetts


1 Gram Pre-Rolls Starting at $7 in Massachusetts

On the search for the best Massachusetts preroll deals? How do 1-gram prerolls starting at $7 sound? At Capital Cannabis, we understand that getting good weed shouldn’t mean breaking the bank, so we love treating customers to some of the best dispensary deals in the state. If you’re shopping on a limited budget in Douglas, we’ve got you covered with inexpensive prerolls. Check out how to get the prerolls you want at the best price possible below.

Massachusetts Pre-Roll Deals

Check Out The $7 Pre Rolls at Capital Cannabis in Douglas

Whether you’re in the market for a good Sativa strain, a relaxing Indica, or something balanced and hybrid, we’ve got a bit of everything around the $70 preroll price point at Capital Cannabis. We’ve partnered with some of the most beloved brands in the state of MA to give customers access to a list of exclusive pre-roll picks rolled with the finest green. Pre-rolls you will find on our menu for just $7 and up will come from brands you know and love, like Nova Farms, Northeast Alternatives, and Garden Remedies.

From OG strains that never fall out of favor to up-and-coming strains well worth attention, we have a little of everything in our Massachusetts pre-rolls deals, such as:

  • Intergalactic – A star-struck hybrid known for its complex herbal flavor and ability to provoke philosophical ramblings
  • Sour Tsunami – A mid-range THC hybrid strain with a punch of sour flavor and a balanced high
  • Love Truffles – A richly flavored hybrid strain known for leaving you calm, happy, and aroused
  • Apples & Bananas – A well-known fruity hybrid with a nice THC profile and the tendency to settle your mind and ease your body
  • Dr. Lime #9 – A potent Sativa strain with loads of THC and a tongue-tickling citrus flavor that leaves you sociable and uplifted

How to Get the Best Massachusetts Preroll Deals

When you’ve only got a few bucks to spare and need a good preroll deal, be sure to slip into research mode and do some digging. The best dispensaries in MA have online menus that clarify the price ranges of different prerolls and give all the details about what’s on sale for the day. So always know who has the best prices before you go. Also, be sure to follow your fave dispensaries on Leafly, including us here at the Cap. Watch for good deals around special events and holidays, and never hesitate to get the details from a budtender when you stop in for an in-store visit.

Find $7 Prerolls and More at Capital Cannabis

From cheap prerolls in MA to good deals on other top-shelf cannabis products, Capital Cannabis has no qualms about getting you the best prices. If you’re planning to be in the Douglas area, be sure to check out our menu where you can see the good deals for the day and order ahead. We’ll have your order ready for pickup in five minutes or less.

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