Cheap Eighths of Flower for $18 in Massachusetts

How About a Cheap 8th of Flower for $18 in Massachusetts?


Cheap Eighths of Flower for $18 in Massachusetts

Looking for a cheap eighth in Massachusetts because you’re low on weed funds? Make sure you stop in and see us at Capital Cannabis—we’ve always got some good eighth deals on the menu, including some for just $18! Yes, you read that right! We love nothing better than offering a good deal on some of the best weed in the state. Check out all the details about finding the cheapest eighth in Massachusetts below.

Check Out the Eighth Deals in Massachusetts at Capital Cannabis

From value edibles and $7 pre-rolls, our dispensary has an awesome reputation for providing some of the best bud bargains in the state. So, it’s only natural that you should expect a good price on some quality eighths as well. Our menu is full of the finest flower from the top cannabis growers in the state, and we work hard to get the best prices possible for every batch. A few brands you’ll see in our collection include names like Trulieve, Nova Farms, and Northeast Alternatives. And we always have the best strains in MA.

While our good deals are always updated by the day, week, or availability, a few strains you may catch for cheap on our menu include:

  • Amazing Haze – A flavorful hybrid Haze variety with over 25% THC and a reputation for leaving you totally at ease
  • MACmosa – An Indica-dominant beauty with fruit-drenched flavor notes, 26% THC, and an exceptionally effective stress-reducing capacity
  • White 99 – A high-THC hybrid that is highly revered for its uplifting and happy nature, as well as a nice earthy flavor
  • Do-Si-Do Smalls – Indica dominant flower smalls with a sweet flavor and euphorically relaxing effects
  • Trailblazer – An energy-driven hybrid that has loads of herbal spice and just enough THC to leave you creative and philosophical
Nova Farms Flower Product Image

How to Find the Cheapest Eighth in Massachusetts

Thankfully, the price of good cannabis flower has stabilized a lot in MA in the last few years. However, you will still see different prices at different dispensaries, so be mindful about where you shop. Don’t hesitate to shop around and compare pricing on dispensary menus. Always keep an eye out for daily deals when you stop in at a dispensary in person, and trust the budtender for recommendations on cheap picks. If you haven’t done so, sign up for newsletters and loyalty programs at your favorite places, as these can be a straight path to the inside scoop on special savings.

Find Cheap Eighths in MA at Capital Cannabis in Douglas

When you want the best weed deals in MA, including the cheapest eighths, Capital Cannabis is an obvious pick. If you’re looking to save, be sure to take a look at our menu where you can order ahead or stop in for a visit.

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