Massachusetts Dispensary Deals

Hunker Down with the Best Cannabis Products and Pricing in MA this Winter


Massachusetts Dispensary Deals

With winter in Massachusetts comes cold, shorter days. For some people, the season brings on the ‘winter blues’. Knowing they can hunker down with the best THC products to stimulate their minds, provides reassurance that everything will be just fine. If you can relate and are looking for the best cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts to enhance your days, then look no further than Capital Community Dispensary.

We strive to bring consumers the best line of cannabis products and pristine customer service from the best industry-trained budtenders. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, most of all, includes providing affordable THC and CBD products. For example, the $42 GC- Ice Cream Man 14g Ground Flower and $54 14g Smalls. These and other therapeutic products are showcased in our extensive collection of the finest weed around. For easy access, we’ve highlighted must-have winter products that are priced to go!

Cheap Cannabis Products to Get Cozy this Winter

The marijuana lineup below can be a game-changer for those needing a pick-me-upper, cerebral experience, relaxation, or bliss.

$22 Marijuana Flower

Roll up for satisfying tastes and cerebral moments with these terpenes-rich strains:

  • Southie Devil Driver Flower
  • Southie Red Devil Cheese Cake Flower
  • Just Flower Lilac Bud 2.12% Terps

$6 and $8 1G Pre-Rolls

Don’t have the time to mess with rolling paper and grinders? Pick from these rolled and ready-to-go pre-rolls. Rolled cannabis works well for beginner tokers and experienced stoners.

  • Slurty Pre-Roll by Hype Hunt
  • Sour Pre-Roll Tsunami by Northeast Alternative
  • Pinnacle Pre-Roll by Hype Hunt
  • Apples & Banana Pre-Roll by Garden Remedies
  • Kush Mints Pre-Roll by Garden Remedies

$15 and $25 Southie Adams Vapes

These vape carts are carefully infused with the best cannabis oils or concentrates. They are crafted to provide a consistent dosage, taste, and satisfaction with each hit.

  • Black Lime 1g Vape Cart
  • Do-Si-Do 1g Vape Cart
  • Hawaiian Haze .5g Cartridge
  • OG Kush .5g Vape Cart
  • Tropicana Cookies 1.g Vape Cart
  • Black Lime Cartridge .5g

$3-$16 Cheap Edibles Gummies

At Capital Community Dispensary, we have not forgotten to cater to those who prefer to chew on THC/CBD/CBN-infused sweetness. Make your selections here or skip across to our edibles menu:

  • $$5 Kahna Passionfruit 2pk 20mg Gummies
  • $9.58 Kahna Lychee 5mg/10pk 100mg Gummies
  • $3 Betty’s Elderberry 1:1 CBD/THC Single PK 5mg Gummies
  • $16 ZEN Night NIght 100 THC:400 CBD Melatonin 20pk Gummies
  • $14 Celestrial SLeep CBN/THC 5MG/20pk Blueberry Gummies
  • $16 ZEN Orange 10:1 CBD:THC 20pk Gummies
  • $16 Southie Key Lime 5mg/20pk 100mg Gummies

Other cannabis winter deals in Massachusetts include $35 .5g PAX POD with battery and $17 M-80’S. Shake trim lovers can choose from two different strains of 28 gram bag shake trim for only $85. Not forgetting the 1g pre-rolls deals starting at $7. Read our blog to find out more on how to easily locate more dispensary deals.

**All purchases are subject to tax at the register. Consumers can purchase up to 1 ounce of cannabis in accordance with Massachusetts State Law.

Massachusetts Dispensary Deals

How We Can Offer Rock Bottom Winter Prices

Our dispensary has access to the largest marijuana cultivators and processors in Massachusetts. We’re able to source premium quality weed in bulk at competitive prices. On top of that, a fall in prices is making cannabis more affordable and accessible to communities statewide.

Consumers benefit since we can offer affordable products for less than other local dispensaries. Our consumer reach extends to bordering cities in Rhode Island and Connecticut. Besides, the extensive line of products we supply is by famous and award-winning brands, including:

  • Garden Remedies
  • Fernway
  • Happy Valley
  • Freshly Baked
  • Incredibles
  • Cookies
  • Wana
  • The Botanist
  • Heirloom Collective

Visit Us for the Ultimate Experience at the Best Prices

As you can see, you can’t go wrong shopping your winter stash at Capital Community Dispensary. Enhance your alternative self-care this season, whether it’s the need for energy, creativity, calm, relaxation, or bliss. Browse the menu for all discounted products from Massachusetts’s top producers and brands. Also, check out trending products, most-purchased strains, and our staff picks.Grab the deals today! Online orders are usually ready for pickup within minutes during store hours. Become a loyal customer and access more specials by joining our fam! Find us at 93 Davis Street, Douglas, MA or call 774-302-WEED (9333).

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